Learning to breathe again

My joints hurt all yesterday. My muscles are slowly waking up to the fact that they should be hurting, too. Anything around my hips seems to be most affected. And shoulders, of course; those were quite miserable this morning. I think I need to take May as a serious rehab and cardio month; I need to do a tournament soon, but I’m not even ready to start training for one, much less actually compete.

Real warmup again. Jogging, high knees, heels back, turning in/out, bear crawls. Circled up for jumping jacks and mountain climbers + pushups (bleh). Then shooting triangles, triangles + guard break, triangles + guard break + sprawl (owie! says the hips). More pushups (pooh). Supposed to also be clapping pushups mixed in, but my shoulders refused any such motion so I had to stick with straight pushups, and even those were unpleasant. Might have been all.

Rolling. Steve, Will, and Justin. Again my brain & body had a mix of totally bombing something they ought to know and suddenly nailing things they’ve struggled with. Whatevers, goofy. But breathing — ugh, the breathing. Felt like I had a gas mask on the whole time: not enough oxygen was getting in at all. There were even a couple of times when I very nearly panicked because I couldn’t breathe. Kept it under control, but it was close. (Helpful that I realized what the problem was.) Not even from pressure or anything, just not breathing. Not breathing makes for some miserable rolling. Of all the things I forgot in one week, you wouldn’t think breathing would top the list. :/

Drilling. Sweep for when someone’s almost passed your half guard. Drilled with Guillaume and Gary. I usually struggle with the hip-switching in situations like this, especially once I have a person on top of me, but in keeping with this week of backwardsness, the hips were actually a-switching well. Hmrph. Now, just don’t forget how you did that, yes?

One more roll, with Tim. 🙂


One thought on “Learning to breathe again

  1. Oh man, I know what you mean about the breathing. The heat here has been horrible lately, and it’s not even full blown summer. I am seriously contemplating buying a lighter gi just because of how hot it gets in the gym. I had a near-panic moment on Monday night when this guy’s gi fell over my face when I was in a bottom position. I almost freaked out.

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