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Well, that wasn’t as bad as I expected

on April 26, 2011

On May 31st, I’ll close on my house. 🙂

So I woke up this morning a year older. Turning 29 was rough because my head kept rounding up. Turning 30 was Ohemgee, I’m old now! This morning was, Eh, not as bad as I expected.

Finally, after a week in which I did nothing but eat myself into the next weight class, I was able to get back to class. I’m still on antibiotics for a few more days, but the rash part is gone so at least I can train again. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off yesterday morning, trying to remember everything I needed to do to be ready for class. Did get it all together (though I nearly forgot half of it today, doh).

And to everyone who has suggested in recent months that I take some time off: okay, you win, you were right. I feel rested, I feel better. I’ll promptly forget that I said that, though, and will be just as stubborn next time. 😉

Had a chiropractic appointment after work. Shoulders were still giving me sputters of contrariness last week, but I’m sure the rest did them good.

I stopped off before class and ran in to Tim. He promised that class would be hard. Great. My first night back, and he’s gonna kill us… So not ready for this…

After I got dressed for class, I stood there in the locker room for a last check, knowing that I was forgetting something important but unable to figure out what. Finally: Belt! Right. Need that.

Class started with a real-live warm up. Oi. Jogging, high knees, heels back, bear crawls. Circled up: jumping jacks and burpees. Then several technical movement exercises (that don’t have names, so far as I know). On the wall: alligators down the mat with 5 burpees at either end. (Lots of alligators. My shoulders did not like. Neither did my quads.) Then lunge jump/switches down the mat (except we weren’t supposed to move forward? I had a million troubles with these.) That may have been all there was there; may not. Lots of little muscles were in agony, and my throat was raw from unexpected heavy breathing.

Paired up next for grip fighting. With Theresa for a few rounds and then Guillaume for one.

Then Tim grouped us up for round-robin rolling. With Theresa and Guillaume. I have no idea how many rounds we went, but it felt like a lot; Tim said it was about 45 minutes total. Theresa’s new orange belt has come with a large dose of vim and vigor. 😛

My body was not pleased at having to move so much and told me more than once that it missed sitting at home in front of the TV. Yeah, is too bad; not doing that now. Several times I went nearly entirely blank on this “rolling around on the floor” thing, yet at other times my brain & body made a connection that they’ve struggled with before.

On the wall again. (!!) Wall sits. I thought I was doing okay with those — and was surprised by that — but then when I tried to move afterwards, my legs were stuck. Oh. Heh. Then it was holding the “down” pushup position, which was not something my body could do for more than half a second. Ugh. Then a lunge hold/stretch/owie thingy that reminded me quite a bit (in all the painful ways) of a TKD front stance, and finally a short stretching session to end.

This morning, my joints are complaining. Muscles will follow by tomorrow, I’m sure…


6 responses to “Well, that wasn’t as bad as I expected

  1. Kintanon says:

    Happy Birthday! I did the 31 a couple of months ago and I agree. The 30 was like “AWW SHIT, Now I’m old!” but the 31 was more of “Hey, waitaminute… I don’t feel old at all! This is just another birthday. Whoot!”

    Congrats on the house! I hope you took them to the cleaners at the negotiating table!

    • leslie says:

      Yeah, this year was rather anti-climatic.

      All I wanted from them was a fair deal for both of us. They finally conceded to that much.

  2. Georgette says:

    Welcome to home ownership! There’s a book something like “The Virgin Home Owner’s Handbook” that I really liked when I was a new homeowner…

    Also, happy belated birthday!

    And I join you in eating until a new weightclass is reached… sigh…

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