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Housing update

on April 19, 2011

I made an initial offer, and they countered at only a couple thousand off the listing price. Having seen so many similar houses over the last few months — and having seen the final sale price on several of those — I don’t think this house is worth what they’re asking. So I made a 2nd offer yesterday afternoon (verbally through my agent, with a written offer to follow). They countered last night with a higher price than their first counter. Okay, so, yeah, bye. Walking away from this one now. While it was a nice, decent, basic house, it isn’t one that I’m devastated to lose… though I am starting to get very tired of looking…


3 responses to “Housing update

  1. BJJJudo says:

    When the house is still on the market 6 months from now (which it probably will be) you can come back with an offer 20% less then your inital offer. They won’t except it but it will make you feel really good.

  2. slideyfoot says:

    My gf was looking for over a year before she found somewhere she liked, and even that place isn’t perfect, as there are a bunch of repairs to be done. With my pretty much non-existent DIY skills, I’ll be tackling the grunt labour side of things. Should be a good work out! 😉

  3. leslie says:

    They called back today and are finally ready to negotiate. So there’s some number-crunching going on over here (their deal is still a little higher than I’d like, but we’ll see if it can work), and then we’ll let them know shortly.

    It’s a newer house, so there won’t be much to repair. I rather wanted an older home (partially because I kind of wanted to try fixing things), but so far haven’t found anything that could work.

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