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Impetigo again

on April 18, 2011


Noticed a few bumps on the back of my neck, up in the hairline, on Saturday night. Hoped they would go away. No dice. By this morning, there were several more. Red and itchy. Rats. Went to the doctor this morning. Impetigo again. Rats. Caught earlier than last time, but still. Antibiotics for 10 days. My guts hate antibiotics. No training for at least a week. GRR.


4 responses to “Impetigo again

  1. BJJJudo says:

    Impetigo can be serious, glad to hear your not messing around with it. You can probably figure out who gave it too you. Based on the location it sounds like you were getting triangled when you got it and you probably contracted it one or two days before you noticed the rash. The back of the leg is a strange place to get Impetigo since it is covered by the pants so I wouldnt be surprised if whoever gave it to you also trains no-gi.

    • leslie says:

      Yeah, I’ve had it before so I recognized it (though I really hoped I was wrong). The doctor almost didn’t want to prescribe anything because it’s so early on.

      Everyone here trains nogi, too. We’ve had several new guys coming in to nogi class over the last few weeks because they’re fighting in our event on April 30th. I haven’t trained with them, but it’s still most likely that it came in with them.

      I usually remember to scrub extra when new guys like that come in, but I think I didn’t because I didn’t train directly with them. That’ll teach me, though 😦

  2. abbybjj says:

    That totally sucks. I actually got it a few years ago on the the back of my leg directly behind my knee. I picked it up after competing at a tournament even though i showered directly after. It’s a nasty resilient little bacteria. Try showering with defense soap. It will help prevent it and clear it up so you can get back to the mats faster.

    • leslie says:

      I use Hibiclens when I shower, and after new guys I’ll usually scrub with it longer and make extra sure to get everywhere, but I probably missed this one spot last week. Ugh!

      I wonder if using hand sanitizer right after class would help… hmmm…

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