The Giggle Button

Still no word on the house offer.

Kids’ Class

Five tonight, including 2 brand new and 2 nearly new. The two new boys were giving me a healthy dose of skepticism at first, but then when we got to the technique, one of them said, “Wait, is this like the UFC?” I said yes, but without the punching, and then they were excited and paid attention.

Technique was basic guard break and pass. I used Zack, who’s been coming almost from the beginning, as my demonstration partner, but when I put my hand on his solar plexus, he started giggling. And giggling. And could not stop giggling. Then all the other kids wanted to know if pressing on their solar plexus would make them giggle uncontrollably, too, and were rather disappointed to find that it was only uncomfortable.

Had to make some changes toward the end, on account of so many new/newer kids. Worked out, though — we did ball sprawls instead, and the two new boys said, “Oh! I know this! It’s like in the UFC when the one guy does this” — demonstration of wrestling shot — “and the other guy does that!”

Women’s Class

New woman tonight! Her name is Echo (seriously, how cool is that? [though she probably gets a lot of jokes on account of it]). She does the kickboxing and Krav Maga classes and has wanted to try BJJ, but she usually leads a women’s Bible study on Wednesday nights. However, that was cancelled tonight, so she came in to try the class. She won’t be able to come on Wednesdays until the semester is over, but she may come on Saturdays and bring her roommate, who does the other classes with her. (Roommate has a class on Wednesday nights, so she can’t come, either.)

Martha was there, too. Started with the warmup and then the same guard break and pass as the kids did. I like that the women can drill longer than the kids. At the end, I had us do a few 1-min rounds of positional sparring from guard, first Martha with me because Echo wanted to see what this looked like (poor Martha — I provided commentary of what I was doing [though maybe that helped her some, too.], e.g., “See, she’s trying that guard break from earlier, so I need to strip her hands off me like so and then break her posture down like this.”). Then Martha and Echo, switching top and bottom.

Echo said she enjoyed it and is sorry that she can’t make it the rest of the semester on Wednesdays, but that she’ll try to come on Saturdays and bring her roommate. (She was also already planning to go back and practice on said roommate, lol!) Also, she mentioned that she and her roommate started taking the classes because they’re going to South America this summer and wanted to learn some self-defense, so I’ll keep that in mind when planning and teaching for the next few weeks.

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