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on April 13, 2011

It’s weird having a full-sized tooth back there now. I went about 18 months with a broken tooth, and then 3 weeks with the itty-bitty temporary crown. A nice side benefit, though, is that all the work they did to put it in has actually closed up a gap I had between two other teeth on that side.

Class — rolling. With Gumby, Theresa, and Steve.

At the end of the third roll, a yell and a (minor) whipping — Theresa was promoted to Orange belt. She competed at NAGA NC last weekend and took 2nd in both gi and nogi to Becca “Mini Beast” Forsyth, who I’ve rolled with before (and even competed against in December). Theresa lost one of those finals matches by 1 point and another by 3 points.

Drilling was another half guard pass, to switch to if the first is not working. Drilled with Blue Belt Buddy, and we spent a lot of time trying to find the sweet spots for weight placement.

Rolling again: Blue Belt Buddy and Chase.

I hurried home to see if there was any news about the house, but no, not yet.


3 responses to “Orange

  1. Kintanon says:

    Tell her she gets a big congratulations from random internet people on her performance against Becca. That girl is no joke and anything better than getting completely dominated is an accomplishment.

    • Yes, I remember reading about when Theresa first started coming to class (and how you were going to beat down anyone who hurt that little girl!) I’m so happy and proud (as a fellow girl) to hear how she’s stuck with it, and the competing and promotions and all. You’ve worked with her a lot, so you get to take a little proud bow at her success as well.

    • leslie says:

      @Kintanon: Lol, I’ll pass it on. I told Becca, too, and she said she & Theresa would be good training partners. 😛

      @Kitsune: The beatdown offer still stands, not that she needs it. 😉

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