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Making an offer

on April 12, 2011

I put an offer in on a house today. !! Waiting to hear.

Also got my permanent crown put on. Not the most fun process, though definitely shorter and less painful than getting the temporary. They promise that my gums will stop being inflamed now that there’s a better-fitting tooth in there. And then they had an opening for a cleaning, which I already had scheduled for next week anyway; so went ahead and waited around for that. So, a new tooth and also shiny clean teeth.

Yesterday, had an appointment with Dr. Tom. I mentioned the angle issues I seem to be having with my shoulders lately — and mostly the right shoulder — so he focused on that shoulder blade and found a spot that lit me up like a Christmas tree. Wowee! He also gave me a rotational exercise to add to my list of warmup/rehab/prehab exercises, and it made my shoulders crackle nice and loud. Ooo, yeah.

Class: rolling to start. With a newer white belt who has finally switched from calling me “Dude” to saying “Boss Lady.” I suppose that works…. He was determined to squeeeze as hard as he could. (Someone’s been working out with the Thighmaster ;)) But when he’d do that while I had a knee up, it was putting a lot of pressure on my knee. End of the rounds, knees weren’t happy. Though, he did say that he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t sweep me; I couldn’t, either, since I’d been so focused on keeping track of my knees.

Next round with Gumby (a large portion of which was played in a twisty-turney 50/50 that oddly enough did not bother my knees) and then with TR.

Drilling was a basic half-guard pass. Worked with Ray until he had to leave, and then worked with Chase.

Rolling again. With another white belt boy. He was stiff and tense and kept getting in his own way, which gave me several openings, including a sweep that landed me in half-guard and led to the same pass from class. Thank ya, don’t mind if I do.


5 responses to “Making an offer

  1. He was determined to squeeeze as hard as he could.
    I refuse to tap to that. They can squeeze me till I barf my pancreas up, but I refuse to tap to that.

    • leslie says:

      It wasn’t even tap-worthy. It was just annoying, putting pressure on my knee (which was just plain odd), and difficult to do anything against, especially in a warm-up roll. More of a “Really?… Really?!”

  2. Eric says:

    switched from calling me “Dude” to saying “Boss Lady.” LMAO

    At least you earned his respect. Congrats making an offer, I hope it works out for you. The whole “home buying experience” can make a trip to the dentist seem like a pleasure. After my wife and I bought our house I told her I was never moving again so she might as well make a burial plot for me in the back yard.

  3. slideyfoot says:

    Good luck with the house! Although this post is a few days old now, so I’ll probably find you’ve heard back when I scroll down a bit further in my Google Reader. 😉

    My gf had her offer accepted on a house a little while ago…twice. First time it fell through after the offer was accepted, but they wouldn’t budge on price after she discovered lots of damp.

    Then she waited a bit, offered again at a slightly lower price, but this time they did budge (very slightly). Damp floor is still a bit of an issue.

    The joys of house buying. From my perspective, I was mainly super-excited that it’s almost literally around the corner from a BJJ school. 😀

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