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Good times rolling

on April 9, 2011

Well, yoga isn’t going to be on Fridays — maybe Sundays — so we get to keep our open mat. Hurray!

I started out rolling with Andrew, but almost immediately he pointed out that I was bleeding from a scratch on my face. Urgh!! As I was cleaning it up and heading back out, Justin came in and said he’d brought a girl for me to roll with. Her name’s Janet and she’s been training for ~2 months up at Roanoke Valley Academy of Martial Arts, where a purple belt of Tim’s — Ez — teaches the BJJ classes; Justin and Will go up there on Wednesday nights and teach the BJJ class, too.

Once I got the blood flow stopped & covered and she got warmed up, we rolled for a while. Then rolled with Will and with Janet again. One more with Andrew; no bleeding this time. While we were rolling, James was showing Justin some nogi judo. !!

Open Mat this morning. Rolled with Chase and Will. Then Tim said he’d roll with me, but guys were coming in early for the MMA class and he got pulled in to helping some of them out. So Purple Belt Buddy rolled with me to warm himself up for MMA class. When the MMA class started, they weren’t using the mat yet, so Andrew and I rolled.

Then since the MMA class had started and no women had shown up for the women’s class, I went to change and came back out to tell Tim goodbye. He looked at me and asked why I’d gotten dressed, that we hadn’t rolled yet. Oh! Okey-doke. So I ran to change back into my (now damp and cold, ew) shorts and rashguard (thankfully I had an extra rashguard that was clean and dry); he paused from teaching, and he and I rolled for a good while.

My shoulders have been awful the last two days. When they get moved along certain angles, it only takes a little bit of pressure to hurt — and hurt bad. 😦 Other angles, you could bend my arm to touch the back of my head and I’d be fine. Ugga! Have done a lot of verbal tapping from places where no one expects to get a tap (and verbal because sometimes they don’t notice the regular tapping because it’s not even a submission yet). But that angle we’re moving through hurts, so I tap. Everyone’s worried about hurting me, but, really, I’m fine once you let go. 😉

I want to get these shoulders up to par again; need to do some more competitions here soon…


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