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Compiling Compliments

on April 8, 2011

Well, Nyqil took care of sleeping on Wednesday night. Somehow I thought I’d be okay last night so went to bed without it, but after hearing the clock strike midnight, I finally got up and had some. And then this morning when my alarm went off, I hit “Snooze.” I swear I hit “Snooze.” But then I woke up an hour and a half later and had to scramble to get out the door. Boo.

Before class last night, everyone was trying to figure out who had led the sound of protest on Monday that got us all a dose of killer conditioning. Everyone else is still feeling it, too, so I don’t feel like too much of a wimp for still hurting, too. Legs were still a little rough yesterday, and my shoulders are complaining again this morning (though that might also be from the drilling last night).

Rolling to start. Brandon, then Will. Nice, longish rolls.

Drilling was north/south kimura. Worked with Brandon and Blue Belt Buddy.

Rolling again. Brandon again, then Blue Belt Buddy. More nicely-paced, long rolls.

With Brandon and Buddy, I was seeing the beginning of slippery slopes on which Will or Justin or Tim would have snatched up this or that and I would have quickly been in a world of trouble. I’ve realized that it’s often not just the moment before they grab it in which I make the mistake, but rather several steps before where I put myself in that position/pattern from which they can cherry-pick easy transitions and submissions. So, I was starting to see the first steps of the slope and realized where it could be heading and was working on heading a different way. Though did once watch and almost take notes as Buddy went from side control to taking my back. Thoughts were something like, “Oh, I see, there’s space there under my elbow.” or “Okay, so moving that way only helps him.” Trippy.

With Will, a couple of times my brain was able to sound the alarm soon enough to give me *just* enough time to back away from the most obvious/usual conclusion, and especially in D’Arce-land, which has been the bane of my rolling existence for months, maybe years. (He was going a little slower, too, which helped.) Scott pointed out to me a while ago, because I’m much shorter compared to my opponents — and especially my torso and arm length against theirs — that I absolutely cannot hang out in that middle area in bottom half. I have to be either all the way in or all the way out. (I think, though, I see so many people play against me using that middle ground from bottom, and so my brain picks that up as valid. But it’s not, not for me.)

Compliments: it’s been a weird week — people are throwing out compliments everywhere. *shrug* Not that I mind… 😉

Sunday — best friend Jennie called and said that she’d been looking through her wedding pictures and that I’d looked beautiful. Aww. (It’s amazing what a team of paid professionals and an expensive dress can do!)

Monday — one of the guys said I was being so technical and squirrelly in that roll that he’d had to abandon his usual game and just try to crush me.

Tuesday — during King of the Hill, I jumped out with one guy who said, “Oh, crap, it’s Leslie. Now my usual bullshit won’t work.”

Wednesday — Martha said the Women’s Class was her favorite class (well, tied with hitting things).

Thursday — Will said I’d rolled well and had defended the D’Arce better (see!). Also, earlier in the day I’d been wearing a short-sleeve shirt at work; I was stretching or something and the CEO walked by, did a double-take, and said, “You have bigger guns than me….” (And I do! *giggle*)

Two days left this week 😛

My brother pointed this out to me yesterday. Who gets your vote: Mercedes Bunz? Ebenezer Noonoo? Quardrophenia Taylor? Taco B.M. Monster? (I really want to know what the B.M. stands for…!) Monsterville Horton IV? (IV! That implies I-III!) My brother’s personal favorite is Neptune Pringle III.


3 responses to “Compiling Compliments

  1. Kintanon says:

    That Darce from top of halfguard is the bane of my halfguard game as well. I’ve had to start avoiding trying to play deep halfguard against taller people and stick to z-guard, half butterfly, and other long range halfguard options.

  2. “Oh, crap, it’s Leslie. Now my usual bullshit won’t work.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ha ha ha ha, that’s awesome!!!!!!

  3. Shark Girl says:

    Hooray for your “guns”! Rock on!

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