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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on April 7, 2011

Urgh, walking is still difficult, lol! I tried to take a walk at lunch yesterday to alleviate the soreness but had to turn around after a block and go back. So then I tried walking up and down the stairs at work to try to loosen up; that worked temporarily, but I was hurting again soon. (Ah, good times.)

Kids’ Class

Only 3 kids showed up, one who’s been coming as long as I’ve been teaching and two newer little girls. So I was all sorts of thrown off, but I think we managed to make the most of it. US Grappling’s Jr. Championships is May 7, so I’ve set aside April as “Competition Training” for the kids. But this was harder to do, though, when the majority of the class has only been coming for a few weeks. I tried to stick with it, but realized I was forcing it. Instead of knee/elbow escape to scissor sweep, we focused only on the sweep. I’d scheduled full rounds of rolling at the end, but with only these 3 — and two of them highly energetic yesterday — switched instead to ball sprawls and balancing drills.

Women’s Class

Martha stayed after the kids’ class. Her daughter wants to play some with us, so I let her stick around. Martha also hadn’t seen the scissor sweep, so we also focused only on that. Then a few rounds of pummeling. (She scoffed a bit last week when I said that pummeling can wear out your arms, but then told me last night that her arms had been sore the next two days. Ha!) We also finished up with ball balancing work.

Martha told me after class that this is her favorite class of the week. Then she stopped and considered and said, “Well, wait — it’s tied with the class where I get to hit the heavy bags.” Lol, I can handle being tied with that.


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