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This is supposed to make things easier…

on April 6, 2011

…this waiting until morning to write. Supposed to mean I get to bed earlier and get more sleep, which I do need. And yet last night, despite getting to bed before 11, I tossed and turned and didn’t fall asleep until some time after 2. And that’s with melatonin. Urgh.

Yesterday morning, little bit sore. Stairs and walking were a bit of an issue by the end of the day. Stiff and creaky and sore during class. Stairs this morning were torture. Ah, DOMS, my old friend.

I had gone a little early last night to watch the yoga class. If it doesn’t seem too strenuous, I may do it before jiu-jitsu as a warmup. But there was no yoga last night; it starts next week. Class went ahead and started 15 min later like Tim had announced. Thankfully, that seems to be the only disruption that the new classes will cause to BJJ, though the kids’ TKD class on Tuesdays is cancelled now.

Class last night was small. A few of us who had survived Monday night (which had been a decently-sized class), and then a few who hadn’t been there. Rolling to warmup. Sitting down is hard. Sara, Theresa, and Vitali. Theresa has a tournament on Saturday, so I was trying to roll a bit harder and heavier with her and to do a lot of grip fighting.

Then King of the Hill guard passing vs. sweep/submit. Changing levels sucks. Somehow got more sore the “warmer” I got. No passing from me. Tim put me out for a few minutes to work with one of the smaller kids (who I think wasn’t jumping out there with any of the guys) and then Sara.

Drilling was passing open guard. Worked with Chase. Rolling again. Chase first, and then I grabbed Theresa and started from standing. (Urgh! Hurts! But she needed it.)


5 responses to “This is supposed to make things easier…

  1. Eric says:

    It really is great to see Renzo charging such a reasonable price for a seminar. A $75 seminar from him is a dirty cheap bargin, there are lots less qualified people out there charging twice as much for half as much time.

  2. Allie says:

    I have only tried out yoga a few times but the sessions I did were not a warm up! lol But that could be because I am a huge sissy. 😉

    • leslie says:

      @Allie: Uh-oh, sounds ominous! I don’t know yet which type of yoga this will be. If it looks like a strenuous session, then no thanks.

  3. shakiaharris says:

    be careful, some of the poses require a lot of the shoulders and arms so u may feel some fatigue if you do it right b4 bjj

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