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Chemistry Gnomes strike again!

on April 5, 2011

Yoshi had an MMA on Saturday night. Won by guillotine in the first round, same as his last fight.

Back in AP Chemistry in high school, we had “The Chemistry Gnomes.” We would set up experiments or set something down or whatever, and when we came back, everything was spilled or fallen or something. There were only 7 people in the class, and none of us would sabotage anyone else’s stuff, so we began blaming these things on the Chemistry Gnomes.

Well, the Chemistry Gnomes certainly came out to play yesterday. The spreadsheet I spent all morning working on mysteriously reverted to an earlier version, and nothing could recover it. After I’d finally redone it all, I noticed earlier entries that did not seem to be written by me, and yet they must have been. I had gotten a glass of water, which spontaneously decided to launch itself all over the kitchen. Not my day…

Class started with rolling. Brandon, James, and Adam. (There are now 2 Adams coming regularly. One or the other needs a nickname because they both answered “Yes?” when Tim was trying to get one’s attention.)

Drilling started with a review of the bump sweep to kimura and then, after drilling that for a bit, a suicide kimura sweep back to kimura. Worked in with James and Chase.

Then on the wall. I think Tim had something else planned for this, but there was a sudden mumble of protest that he heard and commented on, so I think the numbers got inflated because of that: 50 pushups, single legs down, 40 pushups, single legs down, 30 pushups, single legs down, 20 pushups, single legs down, (there might have been 10 pushups + single legs in here, but I was so far behind I didn’t hear it), 50 squats, single legs down, 40 squats, single legs down — and here I had to pause and join in gi drags, with Sara, since we were closest in size — 30 squats, single legs down, 20 squats, single legs down, 10 squats, done. My shoulders did not like pushups at all Ouch. Pain. Do not want. Even on the first set I was reduced to only doing a couple at a time and had to drop to knee pushups quite early. Shoulders are not yet recovered enough.

Tim made an announcement somewhere in there that our class tomorrow night starts later (7:15) and that we have to stay on the other side of the wall and be quiet until then — seems the Yoga class is finally starting up tomorrow night. Guess that takes care of Fridays, too, though I will probably start going to yoga on Fridays. Maybe other nights, depending on how it looks.

After class, Andrew wanted to roll and I, of course, was the only one who’s crazy enough to stick around and roll more when I’m that tired. Shoulders were even less happy, and he’s a fan of kimuras. Even just putting weight on my right shoulder to shrimp or move was excruciating. Lovely. 10-15 minutes, maybe.


2 responses to “Chemistry Gnomes strike again!

  1. Georgette says:

    Pushups then single legs down? Explain please, if you care to…

  2. leslie says:

    Oh, sorry, I see. It made perfect sense in my head! — a set of pushups at one end of the mat, followed by single leg shots all the way down the length of the mat. Next set of pushups at the other end of the mat. Etc.

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