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Spring Fever

on March 31, 2011

Walked in to a mess at work and haven’t had a moment to myself…

Kids’ Class

I think the kids might all be as anxious for spring as I am and as tired of being cooped up inside. They were wired tonight. Smaller class, too. (Why does this seem to happen — smaller class = more crazy? I don’t know…) Tonight was supposed to be takedowns and standing work, and I had a lot of things I wanted to work in and thought I had a good way to do it. But I didn’t count on higher energy levels, and even though I’d tried to speed up the warmup — wear ’em out faster — they still had too much to sit still when we moved on. So breakfalls were a fun mess and took twice as long as expected. (Although, most of them did get it, so I suppose in the end that’s what counts.)

Skipped the takedown because I wanted to get some grip fighting work in, only most of the kids didn’t have gis tonight so we switched to pummeling, and they all were having trouble understanding that. And then I made a mistake, and said it’s kind of like dancing, which earned a round of “Ewwwww!!!” and everyone stepping backwards from their partners. Oh, for Pete’s sake…! So that was done at that point. Brought out a Swiss ball for group sprawling (which was still not up to the vigorous energy draining that they needed). Oi!

Women’s Class

Martha stayed tonight. We warmed up a little and then moved in to breakfalls as well. Her daughter, who had done the kids’ class, joined us for the warmup. (And suddenly little Miss “I can’t shrimp” was shrimping down the mat. Still slow, but doing it correctly after telling me often that she can’t. Ha! See if I believe your antics next time, kiddo! Not that I really have up to this point; I tell her that if she practices it, I know she can learn it. [Trying to change that entity approach to an incremental one. Thanks, Art of Learning! ;)] And then I generally walk off and let her do it on her own, so she can't continue to demonstrate to me that, see, she can't do it.) She'd also had some trouble with the breakfalls but wanted to show her mom how to do them, so she joined us on the mat. And then proceeded to do them all almost perfectly. (Uh-huh, I saw that…)

Breakfalls didn’t take us nearly as long, Martha being far more cooperative than a passel o’ kids. Moved on to pummeling next as she also didn’t have a gi, and she didn’t mind that it was similar to dancing. Started just pummeling as a movement exercise. Then I showed her the different goals in pummeling rounds — double-under or get to the back — and we did three 1-min rounds, actively trying to get either or unbalance each other.

(Need to remember to use her to demonstrate what pummeling should be next week for the kids [they’re gonna do this until they get it], since trying to demonstrate when my kid partner doesn’t know what’s going on isn’t always great.)

Plenty of time left, so I backtracked to the takedown. Pretty much the only one I feel even remotely comfortable showing someone, and that’s the backwards trip one. (Used it in my last tournament, nogi Absolute.) Once she got comfortable with it, she asked what she would do once she got someone down. I pointed out the easy transition to mount, and then she said, “Oh! I know something from here! Wait, what is it?!” Minor prompts later, she was doing the takedown to mount to armbar. Nice.

Btw, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” sung to the tune of “Mambo Italiano” doesn’t quite work…


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