sql & snowballs

Woke up yesterday to an inch of snow on the ground. Pfft. This is springtime! What are you doing?!

The snow continued pelting down, and there was close to 2 inches by the time I had to leave for work. (I would have pled a snow day, but this was the first weekend in months that I’d left my laptop at work. Of course.) As I drove in, though, there was less and less snow, until I got to work and there was scarcely any. I drove through town instead of taking the interstate and bypass as I normally do, since I figured everyone would be a little panicky about suddenly driving in the snow again. One of my coworkers told me when I got in that he’d passed 3 wrecks out on the interstate and bypass on the way in. Yeah, everyone forgot how to drive in the snow already…

My job yesterday (and today, so far it seems) is to hack sql scripts to generate reports. I say “hack” because I actually have no idea how to write sql, and so am taking an existing script that sort of does what I need and playing with it until things seem right. … …

Class last night started with armbars from mount. Drilled with Theresa. Then a few rounds rolling. With Theresa and Steve. End of the round, Tim hollered out and someone got smacked — Big John got his purple belt. Heyah!

King of the Hill next. I got to start out, but only swept one of the kids before getting passed. Passed later on that same kid after Tim put him back out there, then actually swept the next guy, though Tim had me rotate out (which was fine by me, since I’d tweaked my knee — left knee! the good one! — in that bit).

Then all of us on the wall with Brandon and Yoshi facing us from the far end of the mat. They both have fights coming up: Yoshi this Saturday, Brandon in April. They had to shoot down, then lift one of us and fireman’s carry us back to the other end, until we were all relocated. Then they each had to grapple from standing, Yoshi with James (purple, Judo guy), Brandon with John (purple, wrestler). One, maybe two, more sets of guys rotated in.

Tim had some more work for them to do with James and John, but said the rest of us could roll or leave or whatever. Blue Belt Buddy took a spot out on the mat, but no one moved, so I jumped out there with him. 10-15 minutes, I think. I thought I had a lot of energy left, but that notion was dispelled very quickly. Doh.

This was the best mental night I’ve had in a long time. Happy. Nothing extraordinary or anything, but just felt happy.