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Not my day…

on March 23, 2011

Went to the dentist at lunch yesterday. I have a molar that I chipped a while back and the dentist sanded down then, but recently it’s been giving me some trouble, intense flashes of omgpain! sometimes when I bite down. It’s been going on for months, but I’ve chosen to ignore it. (Typical me.) Dentist took a look and said, “Yeah, you need a crown. We have an opening right now. Ready?”

There were needles and foul, foul-tasting stuff and lots of drilling; consequently, there was also lots of squirming. Two hours later, I walked out with a temporary crown and an appointment in 3 weeks for the permanent one. Blerg. Despite their best efforts, the temporary crown is still too big for my mouth, so I can’t close my teeth all the way, which makes eating awkward. And the thing just feels strange, so my mouth is constantly letting me know that there’s an intruder in our midst. They say the permanent one will fit better and I won’t even be able to tell it’s there. Let’s hope so…

I thought I’d be fine by class, but as the numbing wore off yesterday, there was initially some pain, which settled down to uncomfortable and distracting later on. And it felt like the needles had gone up and injected my eyeballs, and they were heavy and tired. I figured that while I could make it through class — I’ve trained through far worse — that I probably should let my poor abused body rest. So I went home instead and ate ice cream for dinner. (Yes, the dentist said I can eat normal food. No, I don’t care.)


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