Myth: Busted

Work is still, literally, a pain in my neck. So glad to have chiropractic appointments with Tom on Mondays.

Class. Rolling. Guillaume and Ray. Then Big Mike was promoted to blue belt. Finally! Overdue, if you ask me. Rolling again, with Brandon. Sara was also promoted to blue.

During the break after Big Mike’s promotion, whoever had been rolling with Yoshi before (maybe Brandon?) was remarking about how hard it is to choke Yoshi. Tim joked that you have to hold it until he starts gagging… and then hold it a few more seconds… and even then he might not tap. So during the next round, Brandon and I were rolling near Yoshi and Justin. We stopped, though, because we heard the oddest noise. Sure enough, Justin had Yoshi in a bow-and-arrow choke and Yoshi was having trouble breathing. He wouldn’t tap, though, and we sat and watched his face turn a fierce shade of purple. Then he sagged a little, Justin let go, and Yoshi slipped down toward the floor. Oh, oops… He sat up a moment later and asked, “What just happened?”, all glassy and foggy. So, myth: busted — Yoshi can be choked out. 😛

One more roll, with Tim.

Drilling was clock choke from attacking turtle. Drilled with Blue Belt Buddy. Then one more roll, with him.

Today I have to go to the dentist and find out what’s wrong with my tooth, blech.