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Thursday, March 17, 2011

on March 18, 2011

Class started with rolling: Theresa, John, Justin, Yoshi. With Yoshi, I was trying to work an armbar escape from mount because Justin had just pointed something out to me, but even when I waved that arm right in Yoshi’s face, he wouldn’t take it and kept working to get back on my back, lol. I guess he was working back attacks. 😛

Drilling was stacking escape from armbar. Tim moved me over with a newer guy, Rob, and had someone else drill with Theresa. Newer guy is a lot bigger, but he said I felt like I weighed a lot more than he expected when I did the escape. Good.

Folks started leaving during drilling (??), including my partner and eventually Yoshi’s. So I worked with him for a few reps. Class finished after drilling.

Lots of fun stuff came through Google Reader today:

  • These are a few of my favorite things: Tim Ferris’ blog today with Pavel Tsatsouline, a 128-lb chick DLing 314.5lbs (holy…!), and this: “Whether you like it or not, thou shalt cycle. Master RKC Mark Reifkind, former Coach Powerlifting Team USA, jokes about the ‘tough guy cycle’: Heavy, heavier, even heavier, injury, light…” And then, of course, the article itself makes sense.
  • The NCAA basketball tournament started today. Slate has a printable team-color-only bracket. Ha! Back in college, one of my friends won a bracket pool using team colors as her only guide.
  • Wired Science: Agriculture From Space — cool pictures of large agriculture areas seen from above.
  • Clever job ads. I’ve linked to some of these before, but this one has several new ones.

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