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Herding cats

on March 17, 2011

Our project manager’s wife had a little girl early this morning.

Home internet is finally fixed. There was a nearly shorted-out wire in the connection outside, which is why we’d intermittently get a signal. All that’s been replaced now, though, so shouldn’t have any more trouble getting online. Although, even with that last night, I waited to write until this morning anyway. (Opted for some Dragon Quest VIII instead. ;))

Kids’ Class

Oh, boy. I think someone must have spiked all the kids’ water with Red Bull. Smaller class than usual, which helped some in that there wasn’t quite as much madness as there could have been, but there was still plenty. Had a warmup planned that used a lot of game-type drills, but they were much too intent on tripping, bumping, and clotheslining each other, so I sent them to the wall and tried to keep them moving. Hardly made a dent in their energy levels, though. Oh, boy… They didn’t wear down much as class went on, either.

Women’s Class: No women. Sara and Martha brought their kids to the previous class, but neither could stay, and none of the others showed up.


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