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Pi are square

on March 15, 2011

Yesterday was 3.14. Tehee.

Today is the Ides of March. Uh-oh…

Internet is still not fixed. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, since now I can only blog in the mornings at work. Gives me more distance from the previous night’s class.

Chiropractor before class again last night. My shoulders did great all weekend, and then one day at my desk nearly ruined the left one again. (Manager called at 3pm to say he needed a certain report, which had been declared not urgent, by end-of-business. Urgh. So there was a lot of hunching and focusing.)

Everyone is back from Spring Break, though it still wasn’t a large class. Rolling to warm up, Purple Belt Buddy and TR. Drilling was scissor sweep. I helped Theresa and Lexi. (It seems all the kids are now allowed in the adult class.) Then rolling again with Theresa, Lexi, and Brandon.

From Krista’s blog: What does an athletic body look like?.


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