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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

on March 10, 2011

Still no internets at home. Geez, how did we ever function before internet? I suppose the good thing is that I’m reading (Pride and Prejudice right now) and then getting to bed earlier. Sleep is good.

Kids’ Class

Another new kid tonight, a boy, and both the girls from last week came back, too.

I am definitely finding that teaching is helping me with my own jiu-jitsu. Tonight was knee/elbow escape from mount, which is one of those basic techniques that I know I should know but that I rarely ever manage to hit in live rolling (and so consequently rarely use, which of course lowers the number of times I hit it). Somehow though, I was confident enough (deluded enough? lol) that I knew enough to teach it, and, as I was writing out the 3 Steps for the kids and thinking of any details for each, my brain shook out one more detail that it’s been hiding from me. I realized that I have never gotten my hips through enough when attempting this escape — though I frame and shrimp, my partner’s hips were still always in front of mine — and so there has never been enough space to get that bottom knee through, despite my having shorter legs than my partners. Well, duh. As soon as your hips come in front of theirs, there’s gobs of space, that knee slides through easily, and you’re out without hardly seeming to try.

Women’s Class

Martha came to class tonight. Her daughter Emma started the kids’ class last week, and Martha herself came to one adult BJJ class a long while back and has done the cardio class since, saying that she wanted to get in shape first before coming to BJJ. She also made a comment about Saturday classes, so she may start coming then, too. And she said that she’s talked to the other women in the cardio class, and, while they’re interested in BJJ, they’re a little scared of trying it (probably because they see the adult class and think “Ain’t no way!”). Hopefully she’ll be able to convince them that the women’s class isn’t (yet) so strenuous or as intense, in sparring.

So with Caroline, there were 3 of us.

The warmups right now are not where I want them for the women, mostly because every time there’s something that needs to be taught or reviewed — single legs and shrimping tonight for Martha.

Today — Thursday — is my brother’s 25th birthday, and he’s actually asked for a family dinner. (He just might be growing up here!) So no class for me tonight. The work on knee/elbow tonight has my brain tickling with an idea for this week’s half-guard sweep, but it will have to wait until Friday.


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