Still no home internet.

Class started with rolling. Justin first, then Jimmy. Bah, felt like a tangled marionette — I’d think one thing and do something else. All night. Brain and body just were not on the same page.

Drilling was same as last night, thank goodness. Not that I did any better. Drilled with Steve, so I could tell when I was doing it wrong. When I got home and in bed, my middle back was hurting. Aha, so I wasn’t using my glutes or hamstrings at all — all quads and back. The few that I did do mostly right, I purposely ignored the butterfly-hook-esque part of the butterfly hook and just put it straight on the ground. Still, issues galore. I even finally had to abandon my stupid side because it was being exceptionally stupid.

Two more rolls, Steve and Will. Both short rounds, though. After class, the resident sorcerer and apprentice began drilling again. I was content to watch, but Andrew, who was waiting on them so he could start APC, asked if I wanted to roll instead. Works for me. Brain and body still were not in sync. They finished drilling and he went to join them for APC. More rope stuff. *le sigh* I want to play, too! (C’mon, shoulders, get better!)