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No interwebz

on March 8, 2011

Our internet at home got knocked out over the weekend with all the storms and still wasn’t back up last night.

Yesterday: another chiropractor appointment with Tom. Both my shoulders were aching some last week, though not as awfully as before, but he said they’re both feeling fine. That’s good.

Class started with rolling. With Theresa and then a new white belt. I think he’s trained some before; he came in with an HCK gi.

Drilling was a sweep from half-guard. Drilled with Theresa, and I knew I was muscling through it all wrong, but she’s so light that it was hard to isolate the problems.

One more roll. After some partner musical chairs, I wound up with Tim. It was a long, long roll, and he was in a playful mood, so it was fun work. Toward the end, as he was letting me pass his half guard, he stopped to point out where I was overextending to get pressure in his chin and so my hips were way back and light. Hence why no one ever has trouble sweeping me from there. Need to keep closer to my hips so I can keep weight down on them.

After class, I snagged Andrew and Justin to help me with the technique. Drilled on Andrew while Justin showed me how very wrong I had been doing it earlier. (Much easier to tell, too, because Andrew didn’t budge.)

Andrew showed me something that Tim had shown him earlier, and that is to swing that butterfly hook in and immediately pop, so that you don’t stop the motion. Did it once beautifully, but more craptastically. After Andrew and Justin moved over to join the APC (which consisted of playing with the new ropes we have. Ooo! Psst, shoulders — get better now! I want to play!), I tried a few more reps with Will and reverted right back to the same problem. Doh. I’ll have to see if I can work on this with someone more this week. Movement pattern not sticking.


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