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What I’ve been reading, February 2011

on March 1, 2011
  • New Spring, Robert Jordan. The prequel to The Wheel of Time. I figured it would be a good way to test the waters and see if I’d be ready to plunge in to the whole series. And… oh, yeah, I am. The prequel sets up Morraine’s and Lan’s backstories (and doesn’t assume any knowledge of the series).
  • The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, Lou Schuler & Alwyn Cosgrove. The title’s misleading — and I think it’s meant to be a bit — because the book is not about how to get a six-pack. It’s about core (shoulders to glutes) mobility and activation. Workouts start with a dynamic Warmup phase (some movements include a “no space” option and/or a “social anxiety” option, both for when you’re in the little warmup space at a gym and either don’t have room or are afraid of looking too silly), and then move on to a Stabilization phase (normal stabilization, dynamic stabilization, or integrated stabilization), and finally a Strength phase. And because it’s Alwyn, there’s some metabolic work that will toast you. (A lot of which looks like our regular APC.)
    I do intend to start using this, at least the Warmup and Stabilization, with Strength and metabolic for if I have time/energy.
  • Cooking for Geeks, Jeff Potter. (I think I read this mostly last month, actually, and forgot to put it up then.) Read with a kitchen and ingredients handy, because you’ll want to play.
  • Owner’s Share, Nathan Lowell. Podiobook. The sixth, and last, in the series.

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