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on February 24, 2011

I picked my cousin up from campus today for lunch, and we finally decided on the Chinese buffet. Soon after we got there, we spotted the guys from my work who I had ditched in favor of my cousin. 😛 Then later, I went to get more sushi, and there was a thick man blocking the sushi counter and filling up his plate. I edged up closer and he turned around: Oh, hiya, Tim! On our way out the door, one of my cousin’s teammates walked in. Everybody eats at the Chinese buffet.

Ginormous class tonight. Several new guys and most of the kickboxers, too. I think 25-30 total. Mat was crowded.

Started with Big John, then Theresa and Purple Belt Buddy. I did better at noticing when the guys were in position to take my back; unfortunately for me, they noticed, too, doh. Did turn my shoulders down after a gift-wrap or two, though I don’t recall that it bought me much. Although, both of them also had a slick transition or two to take the back; I think they both had one where I remember briefly thinking, “What the–? That was magic!”

Drilling was RNC from attacking the turtle. Drilled with Theresa for most of the time until Tim moved Jess over with us.

One more roll, with Will. He pointed out some places where I’d at least been thinking of the right thing but had been off just a bit. I had been so happy about that heavily sprawled hip against open guard, too, but then, oopsie daisies, swept right over. (Didn’t keep myself in the middle, and turned my hip under too far. He did it correctly against me later, and there was no side to dump him to.) Once I tried to flat-out muscle a sweep, lol. I think I wasn’t quite in position to make it happen. He tipped a little… and then had his base again.

Did move with all 3 guys. Right now I’m purposely trying to roll with guys who themselves keep moving during rolls and who will punish my not moving with either pressure or a quick gotcha! submission. Trying to get this slow, analytical brain to use the subroutines and scripts that I know are in there somewhere. Trying to find reaction and feeling; still too much thinking, too much wanting things categorized and labeled before attempting anything.

The color commentator is back in my head and has been for the last week or so. Bah. (Although, at least it’s closer to spazzy Joe Rogan — who generally at least has a good clue of what’s going on, though always too late to actually help me — and not that nincompoop Goldberg.)

There are things I want to say, but I’m not going to. I’m supposed to be not dwelling on things, right? And working out how to write them down is dwelling and worrying. So, sorry, brain, but you might as well dump them all now; you won’t get the satisfaction of writing them down. (You can still remember, at least, who’s on the “Choke Out Please” list.)


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