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If you’re tapping, you’re learning

on February 22, 2011

Ergo, I learned a lot tonight.

Rolling to warm up. With Steve and Yoshi. Back still got taken, though I was recognizing the impending catastrophe a fraction sooner. Mantra was “Keep moving!” again. Good mantra.

Drilling was baseball choke from knee on belly. Drilled with John. He was hesitant at first to put any weight on me, so I knocked him over backwards since he had no base that way. 😀 And then said I’d say something if it was too much weight — which I did at one point, when his knee was on my lower ribs and not across my hips so much. That was too much for drilling. And then he laughed on my turn, because my full weight wasn’t very much at all.

Rolling again. With John and then Purple Belt Buddy. More back taken, ugga. I had moments where I thought, “I’m out!”, and they’d immediately re-take it. Doh. Needs work. Buddy omoplata’d me while I was sitting up (since he wasn’t trying to overpower me down to the mat): I thought I could slide my inside leg back and swing it around behind his back and sweep him. Step 1 and Step 2 worked; Step 3, not so much. Turns out that sliding my leg around like that locked my hip down, extended my back, and so took away the little shoulder mobility I had had. He turned out just a little more, and the shoulder said, “Enough.” *snort* Me = talented. But, now I know not to do it like that again.

(I still check for comments during the day. *le sigh* I’ll figure it out eventually. And finding something to do with myself while waiting for class is difficult. I go and sit and watch the clock and am out the door as soon as I can be.)

Bruce Lee’s screen test for Kato (with an appearance by Mako in the second clip) over at mental_floss. In his screen test, he talks about how all kung fu masters strive to become like water.


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