(Not) Saved by the bell

Check this out — shadow-play swordfight:

I had a moment of intelligence and stayed out of Open Mat last night to let my shoulder rest, even though I woke up Friday and it felt fine. (The left one, however, which did not have a scary pop/pain, was trying to hurt. *shakes fist*)

I think my sinuses might have finally figured out that draining is better than headaches. Hopeful.

This morning, got in and started loosening up. Guillaume suggested rolling to warm up, so we started. Justin went over and set the timer. On the buzzer, I rolled with Justin. Other guys were trickling in and not really catching on to the concept of timed rounds during an open mat. On the next buzzer, I had to point out to the group that that was the buzzer and asked if anyone wanted to roll. Ray came over and rolled with me; on the next buzzer, everyone switched and left us alone, so we rolled again. Had a round with Brandon, too, and got to admire his completed sleeve tattoo. (It’s purty.)

Then with Chase, the big 13-year-old; I got to mount and he just laid there, even though I know he was in class on Thursday when we did mount escapes, so I encouraged him to do that and then spent the rest of the round slipping back to mount and trying to drive more and more pressure to make him want to response. (Sara and I talked to him and his mother a little after class. He’s a little afraid of hurting people because he’s so much bigger [over 200lbs].)

May have had a roll or two more in there, though everything’s mostly running together.

Then Tim came over to roll with me. Now I know how a basketball feels after the Harlem Globetrotters have had a crack at it. Yee-ow! I went for a ride. Tried to keep moving, even though I hardly knew which way was “up” or where my own limbs were. The buzzer sounded and I thought, “Thank goodness!” but Tim kept right on working to take my back (and by “working” I mean he took his time rather than doing it in his normal 1/5 s) and then to the choke. The next round’s buzzer sounded to start, and he kept on going. Next round ended, kept going. After that I lost count of buzzers, so I have no idea what round or rest period we were in the middle of when he finally decided to stop.

Got my back taken at least once with the gift-wrap, but it was in and done before I even had time to think. Otherwise, though, nothing broke for silly reasons, and I seem to have a vague recollection that I moved what was available to move, though sometimes I went the wrong way and got choked for it.

When the next round started, Justin and Tim rolled, and most of us stopped to watch that. Awesome stuff, that.

Women’s Class

Only me and Sara again, and she wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t have class.

We were talking to Chase and his mom here, and then I felt a pair of enormous hands close around my throat from behind. Turned around to find a family friend who used to play football and is still a huge, athletic guy (he stood next to Perry later, and Perry looked puny by comparison); he’d been in before a long while ago, but his work schedule doesn’t give him many options for training so he’d dropped the idea. But he still watches every MMA fight he can and still would like to train. His wife stopped in the academy to ask about classes and found out Perry has some morning classes and MMA on Saturday mornings, so she passed that along to him and he came over to see what he can work out.

Lol, Tim gave the MMA class a water break, and they all had to walk past him. I saw lots of eyes widening as they walked by. One guy even pulled Perry aside and I heard him asking who that big fellow was, thinking he was a professional fighter or something.