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Little old lady

on February 17, 2011

Went to see more houses today. One had a slide from the back porch to the back yard. One had a humongous new refrigerator in a tiny kitchen; the counter extended out toward the frig, and even I could just barely walk through the opening between the two. There was also a hidden liquor cabinet in one of the walls; a built-in shelf unit swung out to reveal it. One had not been cared for at all since the owners moved out, and the inside was an ugly, dirty, dead-bug filled mess and needed a whole lot of work before it would be livable again. Another had bright blue cabinets in the kitchen, a half-bath attached to one bedroom (my mom said it used to be a common floorplan, but it’s just weird now), and a bedroom in the basement with a window on an inside wall into the family room. And the final one, as soon as we pulled up, my mom said, “No, not this one.” When I asked why, she said the next-door neighbor is the mother of a guy she was once engaged to. “Too weird,” she said. (Another got bumped months earlier because the neighbor across the street used to date my dad.)

Class started with rolling. With Sara, Steve, and Will. Still giving up my back a lot with the latter two, though Will showed me one of the places later during drilling, since it was related.

Drilling was knee-elbow escape from mount. Drilled with Theresa. Will let me practice it on him once and showed me where I’m setting myself up to be gift-wrapped and have my back taken, and said that I should put my shoulders back on the mat when they start reaching under for that.

Then we did 2-minute rounds of holding mount vs. escaping mount. Did two rounds with Theresa, two rounds with one of the guys (whose name I don’t know), and then one round with Sara. He didn’t have us do the final round, but sent us on the wall for shoot-and-sprawl. My left shoulder, which had been doing alright all day, did not like the jarring impact and was a little achy afterwards. All of that also aggravated my sinuses again (seriously?!), so I could hardly catch my breath and had a headache again. Argh.

As I was walking around trying to catch my breath, Tim asked if I wanted to roll. Always. He also got my back easily, and even once with the gift-wrap; I recognized it too late to respond. I kneed myself in the nose once, too. This is my night, can’t you tell? Round hadn’t gone too long, though, before he went for a shoulder lock on my right shoulder (the one that’s supposed to be fine now) and it made a little pop! noise and huuuuurt, oh gracious, that hurt. And it scared me for a moment before I realized it was okay, just painful, and then I got mad. Why can my body not stay in one piece? Is this really such a hard thing?

Went straight home after that. Driving was probably the worst. Left arm was achy and doesn’t like to drive when it’s achy. Right arm was still kind of OMG PAIN! and so didn’t want to drive, either. So the first half of the trip was 1 minute with the left arm, then 1 minute with the right arm, switching once the pain got just to the point when I could hardly stand it any more. I eventually hit on leaning close in on the steering wheel, hands high and shoulders pulled back; that was comfortable enough to make it home. Except for the fact that my head was well above the dashboard, I looked just like one of those little old lady drivers. Ah, well; at least I got home. Hopefully I won’t have to drive like that tomorrow, too.

I would like a body that works. Does anyone have one I can borrow?


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