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Pay it forward

on February 15, 2011

Class started with rolling. With Steve and Blue Belt Buddy.

Drilling was triangle from guard again (sans escaping the one-sided butterfly). I worked with Jimmy. First rep, he was postured up, so I sat up to break him down, which we were supposed to be doing. I think he realized he was too high and wanted to help by breaking his own posture down. His forehead collided with my head, right above my left eye. Ow. Ow. Owowowowowowowow. Both my eyes watered, and I had to lay there for a few minutes. I already had a headache coming in; now it’s lots worse. Ugga.

Jimmy commented that he’d gotten headbutted in training recently & still had a knot on his forehead from it. Heh, paying it forward, huh?

We did finally get around to drilling again.

One more roll, with Yoshi.

Okay, maybe there will be some roll commenting. Just a little, and just what I see I’m doing wrong. Which right now is: giving up my back. I don’t mean to, but all three guys tonight got there repeatedly. (I’ve heard that I defend well from there, but I’d really rather no one get there cuz I can’t get them off.) So, I’m doing something wrong. I did finally see how Steve was getting there — I was trying to pass half-guard but kept trying it with my top arm on the inside (no underhook), duh — but BB Buddy and Yoshi both seemed to just suddenly be there. Also, all three found bow-and-arrow chokes, usually from after taking my back. Don’t know how to fix any of that yet, but there it is.

I did stick around some tonight afterwards because Justin and Purple Belt Buddy were talking training strategy with Big John. One thing they were talking about was people who always play their best game and never work on anything else. Buddy said that when he was a white and blue belt that he would roll with guys like that and think, “One day… one day I’ll be able to survive your best, and then I’ll have you.”

Quick update to add this link that Aparna posted on Facebook: The Trouble With Bright Girls. Holy cow, someone wrote an article about me! 😛


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