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Ambush Yoga

on February 7, 2011

I slept almost all of yesterday, too. Feel almost normal; some of this crud is trying to linger more. But what is this “work” thing? Gah. I drove all the way in to the office before I realized that I’d left my laptop at home. Gah. And then the remote connection kept telling me that the login was locked — and it’s my manager’s login, since the client hasn’t seen fit to give me my own, and he’s in India this week (maybe next) so there was no way to get it fixed since I’m not him. Gah. (It did randomly decide to let me in later. No idea.)

Went to see Dr. Tom after work. My left shoulder is now the achy one (the one that was originally hurting and then got better). I think I was sleeping on it funny all last week. Otherwise, though, he thinks they’re both getting to the point where I can go longer between visits.

When I got to class tonight, I was informed that we were not having jiu-jitsu on our regular mat but on the smaller puzzle mat at the front because there was going to be a yoga class on our mat. Er, what? Apparently they’re supposed to have a yoga class on Sundays but for some reason didn’t yesterday, so today was a “make up” day and it somehow involved taking our mat, despite the fact that the jiu-jitsu class is much larger. Whatevers. Also somehow, the front mat ended up being lots hotter than the back, and we were all sweating buckets before too long.

Class started with drilling since Tim was trying to keep the noise level down. (It was hippie yoga tonight, not power yoga, so they wanted it quieter. [We know it was hippie yoga because our class was randomly interrupted by the sound of chanting music at one point.] I think drilling’s louder, though. *shrug*) We drilled the fishy-kicky mount escape that they’d done last week when I was out. I sort of understand the mechanics, but only possibly ever got it right on accident.

Drilled with Sara, so I could actually tell usually when I was lifting instead of just bumping, but it was still an odd thing. I could sometimes get one leg to do the dolphin-kick thing, but usually one good bump and tuck and my knees slid through.

After practicing the mount escape itself for a while, we added going straight to the elevator sweep and then later to an Ezekiel-type choke. Drilling took most of class. Then a few rolls. There were so many people that at least two pairs had to roll on the mats that wrap around the ring on one side. Started with Sara. Worked on Will’s advice on keeping my hips down and on passing guard, then some from knee-on-belly. Then a round with Steve. Again trying to keep my hips down, though found lots of places where they were piking again in both rounds. Couldn’t keep him from passing my guard, and then he was on my back for most of the round (and once he’s there, he’s hard to dislodge).

Hopefully the yoga people get their schedule worked out, and we can get our mats back tomorrow.


4 responses to “Ambush Yoga

  1. About those yoga people… I wanna say “Who do they think they are? Who in there right mind would invade the sacred ground of grappling?” BUT, I don’t know the situation. It does sound like your school is being very accomodating, and trying to make this new union work. But it also sounds like the Yoga people think that they are more important than the grapplers. Well, it is a BJJ school…

  2. leslie says:

    @Jodi: I think it’s because having them there is still new, so the school is trying to do everything possible to keep them there, since they’re new paying customers.

    Some of the men seemed interested in the jiu-jitsu, so maybe they’ll make the switch.

  3. Kintanon says:

    Bah! Yoga!
    I promised some videos of me rolling with bigger people so you could see how I handle them and here they are, complete with commentary:


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