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First, a shot from the wedding, Jennie and me:

I only look taller because I was still in my heels; she was wearing fuzzy white slippers! The weekend and wedding were fabulous, and I’m still squealing every time I think about her being married.

Chiropractic appointment with Dr. Tom tonight. He said my right shoulder felt loads better, and it didn’t bother me all weekend until sometime late in the reception. All the dancing must have irritated it. 😛

Hurray! To finally put a gi back on and roll!

Class started rolling. With Sara. Then Tim put me with the Sound Effects kid. (Urgh! I haven’t done anything in a week, I’ve eaten like crap, I feel gassed already even though the first round wasn’t hard — and then you give me this?!) Did manage a cross-collar choke (thank goodness for lapels!), but mostly just defended as he tried various ways to fling me over and pass. Even the ones that “worked” didn’t work, as I could always get a knee back in and shrimp back to guard. He actually stopped at one point to ask how I was doing that. I said, “That’s jiu-jitsu.”

Did hit a couple of scissor sweeps, though he freaked out and launched me off each time. Then as we’d reset, he’d start backing away from me and wouldn’t engage. I finally stopped and asked why he was just running away from me; he said he didn’t want to get choked again. Ha, fair enough. He was struggling and grunting at one point, trying to free my grip from his collar and otherwise expending a whole lot of energy trying to move me around. I stopped and said, “Look, I’m 125 lbs. You shouldn’t need to use this much energy against me.” But again, he said he didn’t want to get choked again.

Drilling was a guard pass. Drilled with Robert. Sara watched, as she’d irritated her back and couldn’t do it.

Then on the wall for gi drags. None of the other girls were doing class, and none of the smaller guys were there, so I had to drag Robert. … … … Drat. Sooooo slooooow for me, so fast when he went. Then circled up for standing in guard drills, where you set up as if to do the standing guard break, but you only stand and deadlift them up. 10 reps. I tried 10 times, though I think I only got him up on about 6 of them. My legs were burning so badly. Then he did them on me, and I was flying up every time. Next, shoot and sprawls. I made 3 trips, though they were all torture and driven solely by willpower. Last, fireman’s carry. I let Robert go first. Too easy. Then when it was my turn to carry him, I just looked him up and down for a minute, thinking about how I was about to die. But Sara came over and offered to let me carry her instead. Much lighter. So I didn’t die.

There was a change of schedule while I was gone. Fridays, there is now a Power Yoga class. … … And somehow this has cancelled our Open Mat, which occurred in the cage and not on the mat. … … I don’t know. But yeah, Power Yoga. There’s an Open Mat on Sunday afternoons now, though.

Oh, boy, I have to go to work tomorrow. I’m not sure I can find the building anymore…


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  1. @Georgette: Yeah… Such is the general sentiment within the BJJ class. Especially since Wednesdays have now been co-opted by the new MMA class. Seems as if our mat time is being curtailed in every direction. Hrmph indeed.

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