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on January 12, 2011

At work, our intern graduated in December and moved away. So yesterday and today, I moved my desk over to his old spot by the window. I’d been offered that spot when I first started, but I thought I might get too distracted looking outside. Now, though, I’m hoping having sunlight will help with the not sleeping.

Off to see Dr. Tom again tonight and had him check out my right shoulder, which should be the good one, because it’s still hurting. He poked around and decided that there may be some bursitis going on in there. Meh. Well, I have to take next week off; maybe that will fix it. Urgh.

Kids’ Class

Twelve! Oh sweet goodness, how did I end up with twelve?! And three are new (and older boys — I think so far they’ve been “too cool” to do BJJ with the little kids. But they came tonight.). So that’s a total of 16 that could be showing up on any given night.


When you plan for only 4-6, and 10 show up instead, sometimes things don’t work out so well. But when you plan for 10, and 12 show up, it works somewhat alright. Although, we were going to work the standard guard break and pass and only got through the guard break.

They were more contained than I’d hoped, though Tim commented later that he guessed I had more kids tonight because it was louder. Oops, need to keep it down. He also said, though, that having more kids in there was a good problem to have and that he thinks putting me in charge was one of the best things he could have done for the class, that if he’d done it himself or put one of the bigger boys in charge that the kids and parents may not be so eager about it. Still, I did tell him that I need help over there, though he had to run back to teaching the MMA class before we could talk more.

MMA class

I just watched. My right shoulder was still bugging me. The class was packed, though, and they were doing the same takedowns from last week, so there were some close calls as heads crashed down on the mats.

During the class, I did do a short set of kettlebells swings, 30lbs, 10 down to 1. Shoulder did not like. (Tom was in class tonight and asked me how my shoulder felt after the swings. When I said it had hurt, he shook his head and said I should have stopped. But…! Well, I had to do something tonight.)

The class finished up a little early tonight because a couple of guys have fights coming up shortly, so they wanted to get a few rounds in the cage. Mostly jiu-jitsu guys stayed out, so they started some rolling. Perry had asked me to take pictures of the class at one point, so I kept shooting some of the cage and some of the jiu-jitsu. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more, handed the camera off, and went in to roll with Guillaume since he was the only one free. Short, because he had to leave soon. But I got to get out a little bit of energy.

Tonight was the last night I’ll see Scott before he moves. He’s taking tomorrow to spend with friends in town, and then I’ll be leaving on Friday for Richmond and so won’t get to see him off this weekend with everyone else. Sad. I finally make friends, and then they move away. 😦


7 responses to “Twelve!!

  1. slideyfoot says:

    Sounds like class sizes are getting to the stage that you need an assistant instructor. I used to arrive early for my classes at the Roger Gracie HQ, so watched the kids session that ran before the beginner/advanced. Felipe always had Oli there to help out, and Felipe is the best kids instructor I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  2. leslie says:

    @slidey: Oh yes, most definitely. I’ve got an idea in mind, and I’ll talk to Tim about it tonight. He was teaching class last night, so we couldn’t talk then.

  3. Kintanon says:

    Careful with kettlebell swings on your bad shoulder. A friend of mine put himself out of training for almost a year doing kettlebell swings and “fighting through the pain”. Ended up needing two rounds of surgery on his rotator cuff and a year of physical therapy. So, don’t screw around with it.

  4. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Eep. I had been thinking about going in next week to watch and do kettlebells/something, but might end up having to take it as a straight rest week. (Bleh.) Silly body breaking down on me…

  5. Kintanon says:

    How about doing something that isn’t shoulder related? Like SQUATS?

  6. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Hey, no fair busting out the logic! I’m only 3 cups of coffee in to this 4-cup day. 😉

  7. Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job with the kids class!! You have more patience than I! 😉

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