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Pit bull

on January 10, 2011

Argh, new cell phone. Has crappy ringtones. Everything’s a dance beat. Gah. I set the two semi-decent ones (when on the lowest volume) to calls and texts, but that left a weird one for the alarm. After two days of waking up to this, I changed my alarm sound last night to one called “Single Beep.” Silly me assumed this meant a beep, then a pause, a beep, then a pause. But noooo, this one is to be taken literally. One. Single. Beep. That’s it.

So I slept soundly through my alarm today and woke up over an hour late. Oh, boy… At least with the French-pressed coffee I’m drinking a lot more than before, so got a big caffeine boost once I got to work.

Chiropractic appointment with Tom tonight. I needed it, too — slept oddly, and my neck and right shoulder (the supposed non-goofy one) were hurting. Urgh.

I’m finally over being sore from kettlebells last week. Took until sometime yesterday. This, of course, means I need to do them more often. I was hoping for tonight, but the boys didn’t want to.

Scott was back in town this week. It’s his last week of training before he moves up to New York to start his new job.

Started rolling. Tim put the Sound Effects Kid with me first. *le sigh* I know what he wants — and I knew it coming in to tonight, because he’d talked to me on Saturday about needing to roll with the spazzes again. (I am rolling with some of the ones who I used to avoid, but he says that’s not enough, so I figured he’d be pointing out my rolling partners. I just waited any time he said to switch, and every time, he sent someone over to me.) — but I couldn’t manage to get up to speed fast enough. The guy claims he’s trained before, though I think most of it is “street fighting” and rolling around with his cousins. At least, couldn’t see any evidence in his rolling. He didn’t have a gi and my brain was ready for grips, so also had a hard time adjusting there, too. Couldn’t do much except keep him from ripping anything off or from bullrushing me too much. Almost a few sweeps, but didn’t quite get on top. Let the goals go out the window, and focused instead on dealing with this mess.

Then Tim sent another guy over. Round wasn’t much — him gripping and squeezing, me trying to work back to guard. Think I only got to work on not letting him pass; he did once or twice anyway, though I think I was able to recover quickly.

Steve got assigned to me next. And I forget most of what happened. He got my back quite a bit, and Tim even stopped us once to tell me how to prevent that from one position, but I can’t really remember where we were starting from. Round ended with him about to triangle me. Man, gotta watch those around him.

Scott next. Spent most of the round under side control or flattened under half guard. He told me afterwards that he was purposely getting to those positions and then putting his weight on me (not his pressure, just his dead weight) to let me work on wiggling and framing and wiggling until he had to react. Well, if I’d known that before… But a lot of work, and my legs were letting me know at one point that they still had a little bit of soreness from the kettlebells.

Then was the odd one out, so sat a round.

Drilling started with positional sparring from the back. One submits, one escapes. 3-minute rounds. I ended up as the odd man out, so Justin came in to work with me. Never could escape; he’d let me get close and then would shut that hole down. Three minutes felt like an awfully long time!

Before we switched sides, Tim reviewed the bow-and-arrow choke from the back for the benefit of the new guy, who didn’t know what to do and was saying so to his partner. Drilled with Justin.

Then another round, me trying to submit Justin. Ha. Just, ha. It didn’t even feel like he had to try terribly hard, but just *slip* and out. He even let me start with a choke on once, and right out he went.

Switched partners, and worked with Ray next. Did escape a few times, and it seemed like the same way that Justin had done it on me. (Maybe.) Then we switched sides.

One more roll. Tim put me who spent most of the round gripping their own lapels and not moving. I worked on making cracks in that defense in order to pass. Got to side control, then knee-on-belly, though they just laid there, still just gripping. Worked on keeping pressure and on trying to distract them enough so their grips would change. I think I need to carry the distractions just a little bit further; I think I moved back to attack too soon and they’d manage to hug back in. All the rounds earlier had been timed; this one wasn’t, and felt like it went a really long time.

I rolled in my new Leticia Ribeiro edition Atama tonight. Did well. Someone got blood on it within the first few rolls. Got it at the end last week. It’s the same size — F2 — as my other Atama, which has fit me perfectly since day 1, but this one is made differently and so fits bigger. The skirt and sleeves are longer, and the body is wider. The pants fit, though, and aren’t too wide. The jacket’s in the dryer now after a run in the hot water. (I admit, I’m rather nervous. I hope it doesn’t shrink up too much. But, it would be nice to have a white gi that can be dried. My first Atama is always line-dried.)

Quote from a Sherdog thread from the other day: Instead of asking myself “Why am I not doing well/better?” I need to ask myself “What do I need to do IN ORDER to do well/better?”

Showed up in Google Reader today: Running on Empty? How to Recognize When You’re on the Road to Burnout. Trouble sleeping, constant low-grade headaches, lingering illness, pretty much every one of the “Psychological signs,” skipping meals/little to no appetite, not absenteeism but definitely always running late now, drop in productivity, wanting to be alone… Well, that’s not good news. And there was lots of time off and attempts to regroup and sleep during the holidays. No time now. I guess it’s at least helpful to know that I’m heading toward a burnout, even if I can’t do much about it? (Or does that just fall under feeling trapped without options for relief or escape?) But, I will be taking next week off before Jennie’s wedding, so maybe I can catch up again then.


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