Thursday, January 6, 2011

I want creative titles, but have none.

Haircut tonight, so no pre-class rolling for me. Also, my best friend Jennie, who’s getting married in two weeks!, told me today that the party for next weekend is cancelled, which means I get to go to the Women’s Open Mat! I will be spending some time with her, though, too.

The two new guys from last night were back for jiu-jitsu tonight. Tim has us start with armbars from guard. I was paired with the smaller of the two new guys and was told to teach him armbars. (Turns out that I do actually know how to do and teach an armbar from guard. Yay!) He might actually be a little smaller than me. Found out that he is not the source of the sound effects; his buddy is. And he was nice, asked good questions, and actually listened & did what I told him to do, and by the end of drilling — which was close to 45 minutes long — was doing rather well at it. (He did smell bad, mostly from smoking, but I generally had enough room to breathe.) I let him drill the majority of the time and only did a few reps myself.

After a while, he started trying to do it faster and it immediately became sloppy, so we had a little talk about how in jiu-jitsu, the goal is to get the position to the point that the other guy can’t escape and then you can continue slowly and in control to the finish, that you don’t want to just fling things up and hope they stick. Also talked a little about how once you think you’ve “got” the technique, that that isn’t the time to stop drilling and sit around; rather, that’s the time to continue working it correctly to make sure you remember it. He seemed to understand and went back to working it step by step.

He mentioned at some point that he wants to be serious about this, so much so that he had gone out today and cut his hair off; last night it had been down past his shoulders. He had been kind of trying the Clay Guida look last night, but said his hair was flopping in his eyes too much and he couldn’t see.

His buddy, on the other hand, goes in for the Nate Diaz snobby, swaggering scowl look.

Finally some rolling. I got Tim. Awesome. Totally crushed, though. 😛 Scarcely any thought of goals — I might as well not have a guard where he’s concerned, though I did actually attempt the scissor sweep/bump sweep at least once. (Just for kicks and giggles.) We slowed down several times so he could watch the two new guys, who were each rolling with blue belt boys. The Nate Diaz copycat was trying to bullrush the entire time, then would get tired and walk off the mat to get a drink of water and a breather. So for the next round, Tim went with him.

I rolled with Adam for the second round, who I’d worked in with last night in the MMA class. He’s a friend of Andrew’s. He was a college track-and-field athlete and isn’t too many years out from that; also, he’s been in the gym in between. But he already tries very hard not to just muscle out of things or fling me off (I think Andrew has already talked to him, too. He started training right after Andrew made his turn.), which means he lets me get away with far more than I expected.

Then Andrew and Justin wanted to get some more training in, so off to APC we went. Kettlebell swings/burpees, ladder down from 10. I grabbed a new 30-lb kettlebell while they used the 78-lb one. (!! It about lifts them off the ground.) The two new guys tried to join in, too. Nate Diaz used the 53-lb kettlebell despite warnings that he should use my 30-lb one; bad form, too, again despite warnings; and did the whole set, again despite warnings. (This one, we have determined, does not listen. It will not go well for him.) He also did a loud “Hiya!” on every swing and every burpee. Clay Guida did listen and worked in some with me and also did as we instructed on his form and only did a couple sets. I’m more impressed with all the listening and trying than anything else. New guys who listen — great idea! Guida also told me after class that he needs to stop smoking in order to do this, and I said that yes, yes he does.

Class/Open Mat again tomorrow night. Found out that the Saturday MMA class is supposed to replace our jiu-jitsu class. We talked some over dinner, and those of us who really only want to train jiu-jitsu will probably start coming in early on Saturday to train first and then decide later if we want to stay for MMA. Andrew echoed my thoughts on training in the MMA class, that it’s a good workout and that he wants to be able to be a good training partner for the guys who really do want to fight, but that it’s not really something that he wants to train in. I agree.

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  1. Haha, love your write-ups! We just got one of the loud know-it-all new guys, like they’ve been in the game for years, but you roll with him and it seems like it’s his first class ever… we were drilling taking the back from guard and the sweep if that doesn’t work, and he’s going 150mph but his form is horrible… I told my wife Cherie to avoid him at all costs…

  2. @AJ: I just can’t figure out guys like this. I guess it’s some macho thing? I dunno…

    @Kintanon: Not my thing, though I’m glad for you guys who do it well. 😛

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