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Changes, changes everywhere

on January 5, 2011

I bought a French press coffee maker while I was out at lunch today. It makes one cup, which is more than I drink at any one time. Tried it out when I got back. Feeling strangely daring, I went with no cream or sugar, just to see. And… it was good. Really good. *blink* But I don’t like black coffee? Hmm, maybe I do…

There is no longer a Wednesday night adult BJJ class. Instead, there is “Tech Top Team” practice, aka, MMA class. And most of us didn’t find out until sometime this afternoon. (And some people didn’t find out at all, and they showed up for their regularly scheduled class only to find out that it is no longer. Most of them stuck around to try the class, though.) The new class runs for 2 hours, from 6:30 – 8:30.

Pleasant surprise tonight when I got in to see Dr. Tom. I was lying face-down on a table for e-stim and massage treatment when I heard someone talking to Tom, and I thought, “That sounds a lot like Eric from high school.” And when I finally got to sit up and put on my glasses, sure enough, it was him. He’s working for Ray now, so I may get to run in to him more often.

Kids’ Class

I still have the kids, though. I was congratulating myself on having a small class, and then the class size doubled at the last minute. Doh. 8 this week. Theresa is out of town on vacation with her family. Not my best teaching effort even though it was review.

We did go over the pledge at the beginning of class, and my class of class clowns let me know what they thought of it. We did it anyway, and we’ll keep doing it. Though they claimed to have immediately forgotten it, when I asked them later if they were being good training partners or if they were respecting their instructor by listening, they had the sense to reply that no, they weren’t, and then they’d behave for a few minutes. We will get there.

Then I went over to watch the MMA class. Lot of people there. I think several were there because they didn’t know about it, lol, but there were 2 new guys who had come specifically for it. I think I’ll call them the Sound Effect Boys. Tim showed the takedown, they whistled. Tim showed the variation. Low whistle. “Niiiice.” Perry showed a straight right. *wince* Groan (as if he’d been the one punched, and in the solar plexus instead of the face). And not too bright otherwise.

I sat for a while with a couple others who decided to just observe tonight. Still trying to decide if I’ll do it or not, and that will probably mostly depend on who shows up consistently. If it’s mostly a bunch of goofballs who want to “trane UFC,” then no, thanks. But if it winds up being mostly those of us who are really there for jiu-jitsu but will take the class because it’s the only one available, then maybe so. Just still not a big fan of the standup training. Not for me. Gimme pajamas and the mat any day.

Eventually I wandered over to where Will and a newer guy, Adam, were working and asked to get a few reps in on the takedown. But when Perry threw in some conditioning drills, I wandered away again. 😉 A girl who does Perry’s kickboxing class showed up at some point — probably at whatever time their class usually starts — and she didn’t know how to do single-legs or sprawls, so I stepped in to help her since Perry, Tim, and Justin were helping some guys on the far side (and it didn’t appear that they’d be done any time soon). Then a few minutes later, after Perry had showed a short drill, she came over to work with me. She’s… interesting. She’s smaller than I am, and yet she was constantly asking if I was okay from some incidental contact and was afraid that she was hurting me. She’s done some small circle ju-jitsu and karate before and has done Perry’s classes for a few months now.

I was hoping the class would be shorter so I could get some training in with the guys afterwards, but it ran over, even. So, no training tonight. In theory, Friday nights will become an actual class, but I don’t know how well attended that would be, so it will probably (hopefully) continue as an open mat. Also, there’s supposed to be an MMA class on Saturdays, though I don’t know what time.

Now to really chug the Nyquil. This staring at the ceiling stuff is getting old. 😦


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