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April Fools?

on January 4, 2011

So, April Fools came early this year, and it’s not quite so funny when it’s at the wrong time. One of my training partners, in explaining why he wouldn’t be at practice on Friday, texted me and said that he was quitting jiu-jitsu. At first I tried to just play along with the joke — I was sure it had to be a joke — but he kept insisting and insisting that, sorry, he was done. Before too long, I was in tears. New Year’s Eve was awful: sitting up for midnight, which was just lots more time to sit and be miserable. Saturday was more miserableness, as everyone bailed on training then, too, so I couldn’t ask in person if I was being had or not, and texts to others asking if he was serious or not were never answered. I imagined all sorts of things, like everyone driving out to his house to talk him out of it. I’m sure I bawled some more on Saturday, too. No one got together for the fights, so no chance to talk to anyone then, either. By Sunday, I was mostly resigned and trying — and failing — to imagine what training would be like without him. (Miserable, I decided.) Monday, I just wanted to get to practice to ask someone in person. When I finally did ask, the guy I talked to said that no, he hadn’t heard anything about this other guy quitting and that he’d have to kick his butt if he were really trying. So, finally, a definite answer. And then this guy showed up tonight anyway. Grrr. Is not nice.

Will came in early tonight and wanted to train. I did try setting up the scissor sweep and then going straight over to the bump sweep. I think at first I was switching before he sat back, so, fail; then tried it when he was weaving an arm in, so also fail; then finally put the proper thought process together, and belatedly remembered that I can never bump sweep Will unless he decides to let me. Which he didn’t. Oh well. (Also, everyone loves to crush my knees when I go for the scissor sweep. They rarely, rarely sit back. Happened all night long.) No chances at armbars, though I am mostly thinking of doing those from the top right now, since that’s where I was noticing the problems that made me stick that one in there, and never really got there. Preventing the pass… not so much. (Speaking of — from Stephanie: Much like!) I can finally see the pass he likes, when he stands to pass and then picks the angle and drives his knee straight through, but I can’t even slow it down yet. I tried keeping a foot in front of the knee or even higher in front of his thigh, but it didn’t do any good. And he’s always got grips that I can’t break, so I can’t move around very much more than that. Twenty to thirty minutes, I think.

Then class started, and no one else paired up with either of us, so we went another round. Same. He kept thinking he was hurting my shoulder and letting go, even though I assured him that the shoulder’s fine. (And besides, getting pulled backwards is actually the direction that helps it.)

Steve next. The round started, and I thought, “Okay, I’ll start by working on pass preven– hey, he’s already past. Well, darn.” Didn’t get much of a chance to do any of my goals — I was either underneath or had him on my back for most of the round. (Annoying little squirrelly people. ;)) Might have tried the scissor sweep/bump sweep once, but failed.

Drilling was the bow-and-arrow choke again from the back. Working hard on all the little details. Justin also showed the mount sequence to bow-and-arrow: cross-collar choke, armbar, one-arm gi choke, then bow-and-arrow. Drilled with TR. And that was amusing because I could scarcely get a good back control on him. He’s a solid and wide fella and has a thick neck. When it was his turn, the lapels on my Vulkan Ultra-Lite were cutting in to my neck. (Hey! You’re supposed to be on my team!)

Then we did a few rounds of situational sparring from back control, escape or submit. Two minute rounds. Started with TR. On his back, I did once get him moved around for an armbar; tried for that arm for a few seconds, then realized I could easily spend the rest of the round and still not get it, so broke off and reset in back control. When he was on my back, he was forgetting to bring the leg across my hips before transitioning, so I was able to wiggle out a couple times. Pointed that out to him afterwards.

Then with Andrew, and I could hardly hold him in back control. (Although, a few times I did manage to work some things that Adam had showed me way back in the summer about posting a leg out and hipping back under them, and by golly they worked.) He still got out a couple times. Then he was on my back, and I couldn’t get out.

Rolling. Started with Jimmy. And he was again trying his best to not just pick me up and set me down elsewhere and to not steamroll over me. I remembered to mention this to him afterwards (praise them when they get it right!), and he said that he was really trying to work on doing an actual technique when rolling with me. I did at least see an opening and think of an armbar from open guard, though he brought his knee up immediately and pulled his arm away. Possibly tried the scissor sweep/bump sweep. Did work on pass prevention, though it seemed as if my guard must have been made of mist for all the difficulty he had in passing it.

Last round with Blue Belt Buddy. More chances to work the scissor sweep/bump sweep because he would actually sit back for me. I think I might be getting out of position for the bump sweep. We’ll see. Buddy lets me get deeper in positions so that he can work on getting out. Even let me get the bow-and-arrow from the mount set up so he could escape; I’m not entirely sure what I did wrong — maybe didn’t have the grip deep enough or my wrist straight? Possibly even just gave up on it too soon and moved wrong. Goodly paced roll again, too.

Ugh, this week is already too long! Short holiday weeks have spoiled me! Also, still not sleeping great. But another co-worker is trying to infect us with another plague, so I may dip in to the Nyqil to see me through.

Kids’ Class Pledge

I have the kids’ class again tomorrow night, and it will be their first night with their new pledge. I’ve edited it again. I want every statement to be positive (what I will do/be rather than what I will not). And the kids are going to be reciting this, so I want it to be fairly short and/or easily memorizable.

Does anyone have any more suggestions for what to say? My tendency is to wait another week and be obsessive about getting it perfect, but I’m trying to fight the urge to keep delaying and just get it out there.

I am here to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
I will focus and pay attention in class.
I will show respect to my instructor by listening and to my classmates by being a good training partner.
I will be a good example and a good student.


4 responses to “April Fools?

  1. Sounds like a solid positive pledge!

  2. Jen says:

    I love it & think it covers it all!

  3. Allie says:

    I like it the way you have it. When my son is about to do something he will get in trouble for, sometimes I ask him if he is making “good choices”. He usually thinks about it a second and then says, “No, Mommy.” Or else, he grins and says “Yes, Mommy” then does whatever it was he isn’t supposed to and gets in trouble. 😉

  4. Kintanon says:

    “Also, everyone loves to crush my knees when I go for the scissor sweep. They rarely, rarely sit back. Happened all night long.”

    If they are able to do this it means you have lost upper body control of your opponent and need to switch to a technical stand. That’s the real third leg of that combo. Scissor Sweep to setup your hipbump or technical stand. When you execute the technical stand maintain contact with your opponent and attempt to immediately execute a takedown or scramble to the back.

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