New Year’s rolling

Everyone ended up having too much fun with time off work and with the holidays, so we did not make the train over the weekend. I just logged lots more hours in Final Fantasy.

Had a chiropractor appointment with Dr. Tom over at the new place. There are a ton of doctors and assistants running around, and lots more patients. Arm is so much better. Our office manager wasn’t in yet and we had a deadline for some tests today, so I didn’t get to talk to anyone about my ergonomics situation.

Small class tonight. Started out rolling. With Blue Belt Buddy. Good warm-up pace; he even said so afterwards. I had been reciting my first set of goals to myself for the latter part of the day and right before class, so I was actually trying them and working on them. But when I had guard, he’d immediately get a knee up and/or stand up, so the scissor sweep/bump sweep had problems. No armbars anywhere. Mostly okay on guard pass prevention, and some points where I remembered to let my body do the work. (Why, yes, I did expect myself to get them all perfectly the first night. Why do you ask? — and then I did also laugh at myself and point out that I was being completely unreasonable and that I have a month to work on it.) Was a good pace and a good roll.

Then with Jimmy next, who’s at least a foot taller and close to 100 lbs heavier than me. And usually I’m grumpy and cranky after rolling with him because he just muscles me all over the place. But tonight, not so much. He was actually trying really hard to work on techniques (I swear they work on me, guys, when you do them right) for the most part, though he still had some moments of picking me up from one side and putting me down on the other. Not much chance to work much on the goals list except guard retention, which was again actually okay.

Drilling was bow-and-arrow choke from the back. Drilled with Jess, then rolled with her. She mostly wanted to play from the bottom, so I worked on armbars and chokes from mount. Worked on the scissor sweep/bump sweep transition once, but I forgot entirely about the bump sweep, lol. I think what I need to do is to start with that as a 10%/90% technique; that is, only setting up the scissor sweep and then switching to bump sweep until my brain makes that connection and gets past “OMG scissor sweep!” mode, and then slowly increasing the amount of commitment to the scissor sweep until I can go 100% for it first and then switch if it fails.

One more roll, with Steve. Still not a lot of scissor sweep opportunities; I do usually go for that from guard, so probably mostly everyone’s wise to it. (Which is why it’s even better that that’s not really what I’m working on it. ;)) Still no armbars, and eventually wound up defending my back a whole lot. That can go in a later month… 😛

Ugh, I still feel sluggish after all that holiday food. Hope that dissipates quickly.


6 thoughts on “New Year’s rolling

  1. I hate to pile more comboness onto you when you are working on that already, BUT you can transition from that scissor sweep to the half butterfly elevator sweep too…

  2. @Allie: Thanks! Starting’s the easy part, though; it’s the sticking-with-it that will be the real test.

    @Jodi: Brain’s are so easily distractable… 😛

    @Kintanon: Hold that thought! Next month, or maybe the month after.

  3. At first glance it looked like you “drilled with Jesus.” I was quite impressed. No wonder you couldn’t get that bump sweep.

    I like your 10/90 rule. I find that during class, we are shown about 5 or so related techniques. Once I get one down, I forget it as the next is explained, and so on. By move 5 if you ask me to get in someone’s guard, my brain is so addled that I have to think, “Is that on the ground or in the legs?” I would be wise to take your strategy and just focus on one move, never mind what everyone else is doing. If I can master that move, it’s an accomplishment.

  4. @Shark Girl: 5 techniques a night? Yikes! We do 1, maybe 2, and that’s plenty!

    But yeah, I think if moves are shown in a sequence, it’s in your best interest to work on the first one. Once you know that, you can start to move from the first to the second, which is what my 10/90 was going for. I know scissor sweeps, but my brain usually gets stuck on the first technique I try and won’t remember to do the second. So, my idea is to just set up the scissor sweep; I know what to do to really finish it, but that’s not what I want to work, so instead, I just go straight to the bump sweep. Hopefully my brain will make the “Step 1, scissor sweep. Step 2, bump sweep” connection, and then I can throw the scissor sweep for real and know that my brain will automatically switch the bump sweep if the first one fails.

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