Merry Christmas!

Last day of work and last day of training until next week. So, Merry Christmas!

Chiropractor appointment with Dr. Tom. Work still had me on phone/computer duty, and no headset or shoulder rest to be found, though I did commandeer a conference room with speaker phone for most of the day. Helped some, but Tom made me promise to request a headset that was compatible with my phone (I did find one, but it didn’t work with the phone), and that if they wouldn’t give me one to tell them that I’d send them my chiropractor bills. I joked that I could threaten to send my chiropractor instead, since Big Tommy is over a foot taller than me and over 100lbs heavier.

Kids’ Class

I had expected a small class because of the holiday. Remind me not to do that again. Nine kids again. One of them was new, and he’s 13 and 6 feet tall and not rail-thin, so he’s much, much larger than me. But he’s new, overall, to martial arts and not very coordinated with all that bigness. This brings me to a total of 13 kids who have taken my class, and there are still several in the TKD class who don’t do the grappling. (Yet.) That’s a long way from the grand total of zero who showed up to my first class. The class size has doubled since I started teaching.

We started with the warm-up, as usual. Last week I was trying to impress on them the right way to do certain warm-up drills — example, duck walks — and they’d do them right for the first 3 or 4 steps, and then speed through and do the rest sloppy. Tried lots of ways to get them to do it last week, and none quite worked (even me doing it with them, with the injunction that they couldn’t pass me). So this week, I hit on the idea of playing Limbo and cycling through those drills. Surprisingly, it worked, especially on the alligators, which is something they have a hard time understanding and doing. (It also helped them when I told them to imagine they were Spiderman crawling up a building, lol.)

Then my expected class size came back to bite me. I’ve been watching the Gracie Bullyproof Parent video this week and the Crazy Horse, and had decided that with a small class size, this would be a great time to try this game. For reference, this is the Crazy Horse game:

Fun, right? Ha. Haha. Hahahaha…. Oh dear… As the kids kept coming in… and coming in… and coming in… I started thinking that maybe this wasn’t the best idea. Remember, there’s me — 5’2″, 125lbs — and then there’s 9 kids from 6 – 13, with one of them over 100lbs and another (new kid) much bigger than me. Oh, boy…

But, because I had no alternative in place, I forged ahead with it. And they thought it was the greatest thing ever. Once the initial clamoring for getting a turn died down — after I finally got them to understand that this was, in fact, what we were drilling tonight — they sat almost mesmerized while waiting in line.

By the fourth kid, though, I was tired. *wheeze* What have I gotten myself in to? And that was just the smaller kids! Trying to count and move is hard work, and I think most went closer to 20 seconds than 7. I did manage to do it with both Theresa (90lbs) and the 100lb kid. The new, larger kid, though, I just had him take my back from sitting and try to hold me in place and keep his position. Wasn’t any way I was going to do that with him. (I did actually fall backwards once with the 100lb kid because I wasn’t leaning forward enough. Tried again with better results.)

They were highly disappointed that I didn’t do a second round.

Then we had just enough time to do a few rounds of ball sprawls with partners. (So it’s partner work, but they’re far away, though they still find ways to throw in shenanigans. Oi!)

Nogi class… or not

No instructors came tonight, and only a few guys showed up anyway, so they had just been having Open Mat amongst themselves. Sara’s daughter followed me over, found out it was an Open Mat, and asked if I would roll with her. So I did for a little while, and let her work a lot of the things we’ve gone over the last few weeks and walked her through a lot. (And she didn’t remember them all that well, so I know I’ve got a lot of work to do with these kids.) I tapped for her, and at some point she declared that she had tapped me 8 times, so that meant that she was a lot better than me already and that she was ready for the adult class. I just smiled and kept playing. (…Oi. I’ve got a lot of work to do with these kids. I’m sure her parents will set her straight, though, since they both train.)

Decided against rolling for myself tonight. Most of the safe guys were heading over to Perry’s kickboxing class anyway, so I headed home early.

No work and no class tomorrow, then Christmas Eve and Christmas. It all starts back up next week, though.

On Monday, as class was winding down and everyone was taking more pictures with Justin, Theresa gave me the best compliment. She said her dad had asked her if she wanted to take a night off each week — maybe Wednesdays? — and she said she told him that no, Wednesday was her favorite night because there’s kids’ grappling class. Awww! And that she wishes we could have it more than once a week. Awwww!

At work today, I had to test the queues for Holiday routing. Sadly, I could find no fun or obscure holidays for today. So instead I celebrated Festivus Eve, The Day After Winter Begins, and The Day After National Crossword Puzzle Day. (Oddly, the website I found that lists obscure holidays/celebrations for each day says that this week is last week and that the current week is what we’ll be going through next week. Website written by time travelers?)


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. It was probably a benefit to you that u didn’t do a second round–:) anything kids really like–don’t do too much–or they get tired of it! 🙂

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. @Regina: Lol, I couldn’t have physically done a second round! That game is tiring, especially with 9 kids. And yes, leave ’em wanting more — they used to ask for ball sprawls all the time, now they’ll ask for Crazy Horse! (Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself in to?)

    Merry Christmas!

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