We make the train

At work this week, I’m testing phone systems. That means lots of phone handset stuck between ear and shoulder while punching buttons on the phone with my left hand and typing with my right. That also means lots of strain on the shoulder. It’s not happy again. Maybe I’ll take tomorrow off, after the kids’ class (no class the rest of the week anyway).

But of course that means I trained tonight anyway. Got in early, and Will came in soon after and wanted to train. I’d about given up on anyone wanting to roll before class anymore. In the cage, straight to rolling. My mind is going; I can’t remember a thing. I think I did some things that I wanted to work on. Still can’t get my hips down for nothing. I think mostly I just got toolbagged, as usual, though he lets me work out of some things and lets go of others and catches me in things multiple times to let me see where I’m messing up. (Still processing those; brain usually takes a while to catch up. I saw places where I messed up — and even muttered the fix to myself at the time — but still don’t know what they all were.) Didn’t mind, though.

Small class, just six of us, including Jason the Traveling Judoka, who has finally been awarded his blue belt in jiu-jitsu, by Butch Hiles. Jason is a traveling salesman, so he doesn’t get to train at any one place a lot. The last time he was here, back in March, Tim had commented that if he could only stick around somewhere for a few weeks, he’d get his blue belt, that he was already there. Jason did say that his route had changed for a while there, and that he’d been up in Charleston, WV, regularly. I asked if he knew Timmyle, but he couldn’t remember anyone since it had been a while now since he’d been up there.

Rolling, with Steve. He’d been rolling with Jason before class, so he was fired up and ready to go. I think I get more relaxed if I roll before class; get all the spazzies out, get all the kinks out. Other people seem to get more eager. Anywho. We seemed evenly matched mostly — my defense to his offense. Snippets of offense from me, but not much. Managed to avoid all his triangles from guard, then got caught with one from the back. Doh.

Drilling continued on spider guard. Drilled with Steve and Will. Nice to drill on full-size partners.

One more round, with Jason. Had a few sweeps, though I think he gave them to me once I initiated the movement. Trying to work on moving on to the next available as soon as he’d block something; none seemed to be terribly threatening, and nothing was deep enough to do any good. But, I was remembering that more than one thing existed from the same position. That might be something. Toward the end he wanted to try out the spider guard stuff, so I let him work on it some and gave him some tips.

One more day of work and an appointment with Dr. Tom. Then kids’ class, maybe my class, and two days off from work. Then Christmas! And I’ll get to find out what my brother’s present to me holds. It’s wrapped in green tissue paper and then Saran wrap. Okay then…

3 thoughts on “We make the train

  1. “That means lots of phone handset stuck between ear and shoulder”

    Try a phone shoulder rest, they are old school but they are cheap effective. The phone rest is a small plastic shape that sticks to the back of the phone eliminating/reduce the space between your head and shoulder. Google phone shoulder rest for a pic. New school slightly more expensive alternative is a headset. Not sure how big you company is but there might be one in the supply closet. Most companies have learned the hard way that not providing one of the options can lead to a disgruntled employee filing a disability claim.

  2. @Eric: Good point, and we should have those things around. I scoured the supply closet, and though I came up with a headset, it doesn’t connect to my phone. I’ll have to talk to someone and see what I can get to make multi-tasking while testing possible. (Today I just commandeered a conference room and used the speaker phone. :P)

    @Allie: You, too!

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