Road Rage

The problem with not getting to train is that I have to drive home when everyone else is. And the problem with that is that everyone else is a bad driver.

Played Oblivion last night for a long time. Inside the first gate now. Gah!

Tonight was another appointment with Dr. Tom. Arm is still achy, but I’m doing my stretches and watching my posture. He, at least, is happy that Tim is making me sit.

Kids’ Class

10 kids. A big class is a good thing, in some ways, but bad in many others. Mostly because I can’t herd that many cats at once. (But, there are no real options at the moment for a helper because the adult class overlaps the kids’ class, and no one wants to miss their own class.)

Had them work knee-on-belly and switching using the kick shields tonight since they’re still not ready to work with each other. (We worked some on being good partners last week. Need to remember to build it in more often.)

I think once everyone in the adult class starts coming back from winter break that I’ll organize a field trip for the kids over to watch the adults spar. Maybe seeing that you tap out and restart all the time will help them. Some of them have a huge mental block over having to tap or getting swept or whatever, and then they refuse to work when we spar.

We ended with ball sprawls at the end. One of the kids had said that he’d hurt his arm, so he sat out and I did the sprawls with the remaining kid. Ow. Shoulder. Jarred it. Did not like. It fussed the rest of the night.


I just stuck a sweatshirt on with my gi pants and watched. At least I was allowed to watch. They drilled a swinging escape from under side control to front headlock.