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Thursday, December 9, 2010

on December 9, 2010

I wore a heat patch all day today. It was a little disappointing because I was expecting it to feel hot, but it never did. I would have thought that it wasn’t working except that the area it covered didn’t hurt, while the area just outside the patch did hurt.

Another appointment with Dr. Tom tonight. Whatever he was doing to my shoulder was making my forearm light up. Whew. He also gave me some stretching and posture exercises that I can do at home.

So by the time I got to class, everything was feeling pretty good. Rolling to warm up. Hand stuffed down in the belt again. With Theresa first. Then with Justin, who rolled with no arms so we’d be more even. Well, not really, since he was still way better. But it was more fun that way. Then a round with Blue Belt Buddy, who tried to not take advantage of my missing arm — but still did sometimes anyway — even though I told him it was fine. Don’t even mind if I get triangled on that side a million times in the next month; it’ll just get me to pay more attention there. One more round with Theresa.

Drilling was the shoulder stand butterfly pass. The one where you put your shoulder in the middle and head to one side, then pop up into a shoulder stand on them. Tim had us pause at the top to show we had control and then come down slowly to the side opposite the head, knee that will end closest to their hips first.

Since I’m too big to do it on Theresa, I asked Will if I could try it on him. First, I fail at head/shoulder/anything stands. Do not like. I do not like having my head between me and the ground. Freaks me out. So, already bad. Second, I don’t have the core strength — or at least the core activation or control — to do these. Add instability to the previous one, and you have me really freaking out. Third, when I did finally get one semi-correctly, it wrenched my shoulder badly. So I stopped and just let Theresa drill it the rest of the time. She used to do gymnastics, so no problems for her. Shoulder was aching badly, but we drilled for the rest of class.

A few guys hung around to roll (Hey! Why don’t you do this when I’m healthy?! Gah!). I was the odd one out (and in pain) so I just watched for a while. Then Yoshi bailed and Andrew asked if I wanted to take his place. Only went for a few minutes, though, because by then everyone else was stopping.

Heard in the conference call today, while discussing the client’s current idea to scrap their brand-new, $40-million project (that we helped build) and go back to the old system:
“Um, wait, is this public knowledge?”
“No. This is a top secret project. If you’re at the client’s site, you shouldn’t be on speaker phone.”

So, um, it might be public knowledge now…

Also, funness: so the client wants to roll back to the old system and that means we have to come up with a plan to do that. Then one of our engineers brought up the point that we also need to have a plan to roll back the roll back to the current system. Oi vey!

And then my manager’s manager added me to an 11pm conference call for tonight. These people are sick. Thankfully, he texted me while I was at class to let me know I didn’t have to attend.

There was also discussion at lunch about moving the office. If so, I would then have a 45-60-minute commute. I’ve got 20 minutes now — on a slow day — and was already starting to plan to move closer to work. I know that some people have longer commutes or that some people don’t mind driving for that long. I. hate. it. I’ve done it before and I do not like it. That’s 2 hours of my day wasted because I have to drive. Bleh.


4 responses to “Thursday, December 9, 2010

  1. Ashley says:

    I can’t do that butterfly pass either! Which is too bad because it’d be handy.

    And agreed, I don’t know how people deal with long commutes. Driving is definitely a waste of time!

  2. leslie says:

    @Ashley: I intend to start practicing shoulder stands as soon as my shoulder will let me. Need to get over the freak-out point! And the core activation would be good, too.

  3. Kintanon says:

    Get Theresa to help you. There’s a very specific progression from tripod head stand, to headstand, to handstands that helps build that core strength and reduce your anxiety.

  4. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: I can’t put weight on her. She says I’m too heavy. I always have to be careful. But we have a smaller heavy bag that I’m planning to use.

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