“I am actively being mauled by a bear”

Still working on that 32-min match. Every program I have that claims it will edit video… doesn’t so much.

So, this is what I looked like after my 32-min match on Saturday. Dweeb! ๐Ÿ˜›

The blood is from my lower lip, which got kneed several times during the match. So, no, a mouthpiece wouldn’t have helped much.

I stayed in Richmond Sunday night with Chrissy, and she introduced me to the obsession that is Portal. !!!! I had already taken Monday off from work, so I stayed over an extra night and drove back on Monday. And my town had the audacity to get several inches of snow while I was gone!

On the Hyperbole and a Half pain scale, my shoulder has been a 10: I am actively being mauled by a bear since Saturday. I am seriously considering gnawing it off. Maybe that will hurt more, but I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to hurt more than this. I’ve been alternating heat and ice on it today, which has helped; by the time I left work for Dr. Tom’s office, it hardly hurt at all. I still wrote down “10” for my pain level on the sign-in sheet. Tom checked it out and said that yes, my shoulder is very messed up, so I have another appointment with him on Thursday of this week.

And so, of course, my next stop was the academy. (Yes, I am certifiably insane. Why is that a surprise?) Will also came in early, because he’s probably certifiably insane, too, now that he only has one leg (the other has a partially torn meniscus). But put us together, and we’re almost a whole, healthy grappler (many other assorted aches, injuries, and pains may or may not affect the total). And so, since we are both certifiably insane and broken, we rolled. Not much, not long, but some. I started trying to roll with my hand tucked in my belt and quickly abandoned it because it was just too hard. But we played around some and I, at least, tried to remember what it feels like to move around on the mats, because my body and brain both claimed they had no idea what I was doing.

Class started, and I started out with Theresa. This time I did tuck my hand in my belt and grab the ends and hold on. She was not shy about exploiting the side without an arm. Then another round with Will, also with my hand in my belt. He pointed out that I’m leaving my hips really high in top half, and so that’s why he can just dive under to deep half all the time. So worked on keeping them down. He just let me work a lot, since that missing arm was causing me all sorts of problems. Restarted in half guard a lot.

Drilling was a sequence from mount: double-lapel choke to armbar. We also worked some grip-breaking techniques, all depending on which way they’re gripping. None of these were pleasant for my shoulder to do, and by now it was hurting quite a bit again. Probably a 6: Ow. Okay, my pain is super legit now. (But then, just sitting is not pleasant for my shoulder. So, I don’t see the benefit in just sitting.)

One more round. With Yoshi. I pointed out the arm tucked into my belt again, but said he was welcome to do whatever he wanted except pull it out. He just went slow and played around, though, and let me work on top a lot. I’m so used to having that arm! I did keep trying to use my elbow and shoulder on that side. Longer round, though fairly relaxed for us.

So, yeah, I’m not all that bright and am not taking time off. (Because if I don’t train, it still hurts. So what’s the difference? It actually feels a little better while rolling, probably because of all the blood flow going on. It’s when I stop that it hurts. So the answer is… never stop rolling? Logic win!) December is generally a more relaxed month anyway, since the students will be starting their exams here soon and then most will be leaving for Winter Break, so the classes will be sparse. There are also Christmas parties and other things that will requires weeknights, so more natural breaks. Just going light, maybe working on guard retention/recovery and on feeling things out. All one-armed, of course.

Belt News

Tim gave Andrew his blue belt last night. I knew it was only a matter of time. He’s been doing very well the last few weeks.

And Cynthia, who I fought in my 4th match (first match of the blue belt absolute) this weekend, got her purple belt last night.


8 thoughts on ““I am actively being mauled by a bear”

  1. Your lip got kneed “several” times? Good grief, what was the deal with your opponent– was she dirty or clumsy, or were they just freak (and repeated) accidents?

    At least the vampire look is all the rage these days, so you’re all good as long as there’s no serious cuts in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congrats on getting through a 32 minutes match (practically) in one piece!

  2. I love the picture!!! Such a satisfied look on your face. 32 minutes, that kicks ass. And I TOTALLY get the whole “it hurts if I sit still so why not roll” thing.


  3. @Kirsch: It was toward the end of the match, when we were both so tired. I didn’t even think that she meant to do it during the match (and she apologized profusely when she saw my face afterwards), but it did give me a “GRRRR!” and another gear to go after her.

    @Georgette: I still think the look kind of says “Braaaainssss” myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Windows Movie Maker is a free download and will split the video for you. If you’re a Linux user you can try KDEnlive, which I’ve used in the past. If for some reason neither of those is an option I can hook you up with something I’m sure.
    And while I think I SHOULD try to convince you to take a break, I have nothing to stand on there since I was rolling with a cast on my arm for weeks last year.

  5. Love the pic! As far as the shoulder goes, of course the obvious “rest it advice is best” and of course continuing to roll with a hurt shoulder will make it worse. That said, you very well might see an improvement in your game as a result of not using your arm. Your smash will get a little better because you will be forced to use your hips more and your guard will get a little better because…well if it doesnt you wont survive ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Hunting!

  6. @Kintanon: How did you do that? I have WMM, and it wasn’t cooperating. Then you post this, I go home last night, and it worked. ???!!!

    @BJJJudo: Oh, yes, I see lots of not surviving in the next month or so until I figure out how to survive. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. It always happens — as soon as you call the expert over to look at your computer/car/whatever, it suddenly starts working fine. Or have a pain, so you call the doctor, and by the time you get the office, it’s all better. Hmph. ๐Ÿ˜›

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