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Eh, that was no good…

on November 23, 2010

Being the only one in the office is boring. Although, I did get a lot of work done.

Small bunch tonight, of course. Started rolling, with Theresa. (Her kickboxing fight in December has been cancelled, so she was back in our class tonight, sporting her TKD belt, which is red and black.) Trying to work positions and set ups again, but she said I was too heavy when doing them from the mount.

Then when everyone switched up, she and I were left again, along with a new spazzmatic guy. He came once in the last week or so. Apparently has trained before, but has either forgotten most of it or he was actually taught to roll dirty. And did I mention he’s probably 80-100 lbs heavier? (Maybe more. Bad with guessing.) So, I was all set to roll with Theresa again. But then Scott told that guy to come over and roll with me. Straight out to 110%, predictably. Absolutely did not help that almost immediately all the energy leached from my body. Hey, come back here! I need you!… … Oh, boy… So that made everything infinitely harder than it already was. Mostly managed to keep half guard, though couldn’t do anything with it except defend. Defended neck cranks, fat man smother (and he did not smell good, either!), fish-hooking in my nose, toe holds, covering my mouth, and lots and lots of grabbing and squeezing. I’d take a minute or so to wiggle out a little ways, and then he’d just shift and flop right back on top. I wanted to get angry enough to get some adrenaline moving and get a better response from my body, but it wouldn’t work. So, defending, and getting annoyed. He finally flopped back for an armbar, which gave me enough room to scramble up and pass his guard. Side control and knee-on-belly — I was actually doing somewhat decently maintaining, but couldn’t get any attacks worth anything. Then made a tactical error and went to mount; he sailed me over and we went back to half guard and me defending all this crap. And then, of course, the round seemed to go on forever.

After time was called, then the adrenaline kicked in. Uh, hi, yeah — you’re late. Water break, so a few guys headed up to the water fountain. Scott looked at me with a “Well?” look on his face. I said, “He fights dirty.” He agreed. (And knowing this, you made me roll with him? Pffft.) The guy himself came back from getting water and flopped down where we’re all sitting. He turned to me and asked, “How much do you weigh?” When I said, “125,” he turned to other guys and proclaimed that if I’d been 150, I would have toolbagged him. Hmph, I dunno what roll he just had, but it certainly wasn’t the same one I was in. (And anyway, if I’d’ve had my energy and my wits about me, maybe 125 would’ve stood a better chance. For one, not starting out playing underneath with a much larger guy. Duh. And not going to mount.) I dunno, completely annoyed me.

We didn’t really drill tonight. Justin went over transitioning from the cross-collar choke in mount to the armbar to the bow-and-arrow choke a few times, but we didn’t drill it.

Rolling again, and I started with Ray, the chiropractor. He had to leave after a few minutes, though, so I finished that round off with Justin. With Ray, eh, I couldn’t do much of what I wanted. I think I could get one detail right, but everything else was totally wrong. Nothing felt right. And then with Justin, I was way too slow and had it wrong. Bad combination. He was going slow, though, and playing around and letting me work, as usual.

Class was over then, but because we won’t have class for a few days, those of us remaining decided to get one more roll. Justin and Scott, and then me and Andrew. Defending a lot again. I was finally able to see and understand why I’d been able to smash his spider guard for the last few weeks — he’s been keeping both feet bent and on the same plane. So I stopped him to show him that and how to fix it — and then almost immediately regretted it because he tried to sweep me with spider guard now that I couldn’t smash it. Doh!

Our class is cancelled tomorrow night because no one will be there to teach, but the academy itself is still open for other classes. But after class tonight, when I acknowledged how tired I was again, I decided to cancel the kids’ class tomorrow. I think I need a night off to breathe and regroup, and then some time this weekend to think about how to revise the class and the teaching.

Now I’m… concerned… about the tournament. (Eh, reminds me, I still need to register.) I’ve rested and I’m sleeping and I’m eating well — at least I think I am — and I’m still running out of energy so fast. I still hurt in lots of places that I really can’t afford to have hurt in a tournament. I wish I had a body that would take more before it started breaking down. Do not like. And I’ve got 3-5 days without any training coming up, and then the tournament next week. *le sigh* I dunno, I guess we’ll see…


5 responses to “Eh, that was no good…

  1. Kintanon says:

    A couple of days of sort of resting is NOT enough to offset the massive amount of training you’re doing. This break is going to do you a world of good. A solid week without training, then keep it light with a lot of technical reps leading up to the tournament. Pick your best sweep, best pass, and best sub and rep each one nice and smooth and technical as many times as you can.
    Let your body recover 100% before the tournament. You’ve been pushing yourself really hard and recovery time is AT LEAST as important as training time.

  2. Allie says:

    I agree. Rest will do you a world of good! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  3. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Okay, I suppose you’re right — all my cardio won’t leak out of me while I rest. (Really, that’s what I’m worried about. Which, when I say it like that, just sounds silly.)

    Now if I can just manage to not get too over weight with all this good food! 😛

    @Allie: You, too!

  4. Georgette says:

    Hope your Turkey Day was great!

    Mind explaining a little more of what you mean about the spider guard, with “both feet bent and on the same plane”? Just starting to play spider guard myself and not many people at my school do… haven’t heard those terms before and interested. Thanks!

  5. leslie says:

    @Georgette: He was playing with both feet straight up in the air, both at the same height off the ground, and both knees bent exactly the same. So his hips/legs were in the same vertical plane (side-by-side and square to me), and his feet were in the same horizontal plane (straight across). Very symmetrical, relative to where I was standing. He had some pressure just because he’s strong, but not enough even against me. Therefore, it was easy for me to posture up, crush his feet towards his head, and slip to one side.

    But spider guard should be asymmetrical. What he needed to do was to extend a leg and/or move it forward (towards me) to create an uneven — and unstable — surface. Extend one leg as you bend the other; hips turn to put one leg closer to the opponent; push up into their biceps or even push down on their biceps. Now when I try to address one grip (foot), the other grip is off-balancing me.

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