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Short week

on November 22, 2010

Today there were a few of us at work; tomorrow, it’ll only be me. Thanksgiving is Thursday, and we have Friday off, too, so most everyone has taken as much of the week off as they can. I’m down to just a few hours of vacation left, though, so I can’t do that. Pleh.

Small class tonight since all the students are gone. Thankfully, all guys I’m happy to roll with.

Rolled to warm up. With Scott. Very annoyed because I couldn’t keep pressure down for anything. Afterwards, though, he showed me where my hips were coming up in half guard so he could just roll over his shoulder (quite slowly, which was even more annoying when I couldn’t stop it) to sweep me; we traced it back to when I was trying to cut my knee through, and my hips would just pop right up. Bah. He also pointed out where I wasn’t keeping close contact on his hip when I was in side control, mostly because my leg isn’t long enough to get all the way over there. So we decided it was better for me to bring my bottom arm down to block the hip since it could reach all the way. Also, pay attention to the point at which a good grip becomes a bad grip; I held several for too long, and he was able to use them against me.

Then with Theresa. I was a little more active than normal with her, getting to positions and setting up transitions and submissions. Let her work from there, though.

Drilling was baseball bat choke to taking the back. Rolling again. With Andrew. He was a lot more relaxed tonight. (But I think he might now be going too easy on me and not even trying to escape half the time. Meh.) Longer roll, too. Got some good work on those options we worked tonight (which is why I think he wasn’t trying — he knew what was coming, and did nothing. Meh.) and also on some armbars from mount. He did even let me start in spider guard once — we’d both grabbed each other cuffs and had both fallen back to start there; I asked (okay, whined, really) to play spider guard, so he let me — though I couldn’t sweep him for anything. And lol, Justin practiced his reffing on us while waiting for his partner to come back: Andrew was trying to isolate my arm, but he’d grabbed all four fingers inside the cuff. Justin walked over, slapped his hand, and said, “Ill-e-GULL!” in his best Brazilian accent.

We have class tomorrow, but not Wednesday or Thursday. (So maybe no kids’ class! Oh, wait, should I not be cheering? I have to check with Perry, though, to see if they’re planning to have their classes.) Probably not Friday, either, though I may see if Tim’s willing to come in early and train. (Even most of the guys who do live here will be gone to visit family from Wednesday through Sunday.) And Saturday is the last home football game of the season — and against our in-state rival — and the game is at noon, so there’s a good chance I won’t be able to train Saturday, unless someone wants to come in early.


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