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Kids’ Class

Nine kids. Nine. They just kept coming. And coming. And coming. Oh. my. goodness. What am I going to do with nine kids?!

Well, since back when I started teaching, we’ve been doing some warmup drills that really would work better with a large group; with 3 or 4, they weren’t so exciting, but doable. I’d come up with a different plan for tonight, but one of the kids asked me during the warmup if we were going to do those, and I realized that we had the group size for it, so okay, we went ahead and did those. Still had an issue with kids wanting to hit each other, grr.

Drilling… not so great. Huge number of kids who weren’t actively participating, so lots of time for mischief. And boy, did they find ways to irritate each other and entertain themselves. Maybe next time I should make more than one line, to make sure they aren’t all together. But, with the large group size, the class did pass by more quickly. We even had time for them to do some sparring against me at the end, 30-second rounds. They very much look forward to beating me up, they said.

Ha, a funny — I made them do two rounds of shrimping, and they mostly all tried to make a big fuss about how they didn’t like shrimping and it wasn’t any fun. I repeated that shrimping is one of the most basic movements of jiu-jitsu, and that if they didn’t know how to shrimp then they would have a hard time learning anything else. I even challenged them to ask Mr. Tim or Mr. Justin (the kids have to add a “Mr.” or “Ms.” when addressing any instructor) and see what they said. And then I made them shrimp anyway. During one of their water breaks, Justin walked in, so one of the more brazen darted out to ask him if what I’d said was true. Then she came back in and announced to the class that I was correct and that shrimping is one of the basics of jiu-jitsu.

Yeah, so now my brain’s completely blown after trying to keep up with nine munchkins for an hour. That’s exhausting!


They were already drilling when I got there. Same sweep as last night. Drilled a little with Theresa, but she said one of her shoulders hurt, so I didn’t do many reps. Will let me do a couple on him later on, too. He also showed us, if they’re sitting back far and not wanting to move in, push in to them first so that they react and push back; when they do, let them bring themselves forward and then use your legs to as normal to get them in position.

Two rounds of rolling. With Will first and then Theresa. I recognized some of the things from last night. I also recognized a few times when I was thinking / conversing with myself and some when I should have gone (but didn’t, of course). Trying to feel again and to move before he gets to his position. Still too slow. But maybe not quite as bad.

Tim wasn’t able to come tonight, but I figured he’d passed word on to Justin about what to do to me, so I waited until he was ready. No circuit tonight (thank goodness! My hips are feeling it bad today.), but more rolling. 10-minute rounds. We talked Steve in to sticking around and helping, so started with him. Started standing. Some things better a little, some things maybe a little worse. No desire to headbutt the floor again tonight, though. Kept either sticking the arm across too far to pass half guard or hanging my hips back too far & so not reaching his neck. Bah. Not committing again on passes. There were a couple other things that they had talked about last night, and I saw myself doing or not doing them, but don’t remember. (By the way, this seems to be the worst talking-to-myself problem right now — some little part of my brain starts jumping up and down when I start to do something right, saying Look at me, look at me, look at — oh, darn, he got away. Bah.) And then Justin pointed out those exact same things that I’d noticed when I was rolling. Alright, good; at least I’m seeing the right things. Now if I could only remember what they were so I could fix them…

Scott next. Little bit better. Fixed some of the things from the last round. More small improvements towards advice from last night. Did get some attempted roll-throughs from turtle to guard, though every one of them landed me in side control instead. Hips, however, had no pressure and were so stinkin’ light; they kept wanting to pike again. This, of course, was my main advice after the round: heavy, heavy hips that push through. Also to not try for so many upper body-dependent techniques against the guys, especially not against their legs. Justin showed me a few specific ones that I go for a lot (leg sweep from turtle or jumping guillotines — mostly because I can remember them); sometimes the guys let me get them, but mostly not. He pointed out that some things are good for practicing and drilling and regular training, but that I’ve got to really work my strong moves during tournament training. (I think I don’t discriminate anywhere near enough; most things are all ranked on the same level.) When in knee-on-belly, clear the inside elbow. Also, if they don’t have Z-guard, don’t move them into Z-guard before attempting to pass. Duh.

Last round with Justin. Lots of standing. He kept getting back up after he took me down, especially in the beginning. My. hips. hurt. Changing. levels. sucks. If you think I hesitate on the ground, wait until you see my stand up. I finally tried to convince myself to abandon trying to set things up so much, hoping that that would get me moving more, but, no. Just led to really sloppy and telegraphed shots that he stuffed easily. I got taken down hard and squeaked again. Gah, such a wimp. Kept going. Trying to feel. Not much there. He went a little easier at first to let me recover some from the throw. We stood a few more times. Ugh. Could not sprawl at all. I think I anticipated the right way once or twice. But overall, somehow still felt better than yesterday, even though he was moving faster and the pressure was way, way more; I seriously considered tapping just to pressure a couple of times.

Advice after: When wrestling, it’s all angles, not straight on. All my shots standing were straight. When sprawling, un-wrestle: square up and take away their angles.



8 thoughts on “Extra, extra

  1. @Alex: I was hoping to avoid something like that, but it’s looking like that will be the way of it soon. Burpees would be good because I don’t use them anywhere else. And group burpees, most likely — or individual first and then group? Hmm…

  2. @Aparna: What about having the kid do it himself for the first time, and then all together for the second time? Give them a chance to reform — and then everyone will regulate him after the first one.

    Of course, with the way they were going last night, it would’ve just been group sessions 😮

  3. What’s wrong with “If I hear one complaint about shrimping then you all do an extra lap?”

    Nine kids is a lot. I’d have to call for backup. Backup’s job would be to stop me choking one of the kids probably.

  4. @Neil: Yeah, but they don’t mind running laps. Or squat jumps or alligators or many other things I find awful.

    This was the one night in recent months that the TKD instructor wasn’t hanging around, else I would have recruited him. And yes, mostly to keep me from choking out children 😛

  5. Interesting…do you have them do a really serious warm-up to try and tire them out? Or does that not even faze them? Seriously, kids have crazy energy. Maybe you can have them doing some of that stuff while you drill with them individually, to keep them occupied. Do you plan to have them drill with each other at some point?

  6. @Aparna: The warmup for our class is not too crazy cardio-wise. They get crazy warmups in their other classes the rest of the week (and they’ll act all tired so the coach will let up, but then they’re running around again a few minutes later).

    I did think of having a second activity while I drill with them. But again would help to have a helper to watch them.

    I do want them to drill with each other. But right now, they don’t understand how to be good partners and they just take the time to goof off even more.

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