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Tiny Evil Creature!

on November 8, 2010

Well, not too much.

In early as usual. Scott had finished up at work and didn’t want to start anything new and didn’t want to go home and wait, so he came in early, too. We rolled to warm up for about 25 minutes. He stopped a few times to show me where I was waiting too long and what to do about it, then got me there a few more times throughout the roll to let me work it again. Did have some good grips, though couldn’t do much with them.

Class started with rolling. Tim paired me with a new guy who started coming last week. After class, some of the guys who have worked with him before said that he just kind of hangs back and doesn’t try much with them, either. And geez, that’s exactly what he did: just sat there and let me sweep, let me mount, let me kimura and choke and pass and everything. Well, until the fifth or sixth submission (oh, good, I got to practice some this week), and then he tried to turn it up a level — tackled me and landed in top half. Got back in my guard at some point, and he thought to cross-collar choke me inside my own guard. Haha, no — triangle. I was giggling a little about “tiny evil creature” the whole time and played that way for most of the round. Was mostly very happy with that round.

Next round with Theresa, then Tim paired me with Steve. I played the part of the Tiny Evil Creature again this round. There was X-guard, a sweep with my little hook, a Von Flue escape from a guillotine, good grips and, hey, I’m having fun with this. Maybe even some passing. Then with Purple Belt Buddy, and the Tiny Evil Creature was squished quite thoroughly. Did have a sweep with my hook again, and some good grips, though again not much good. One more round — tired! — with Yoshi. Um, and I forget. I think I had another sweep with that hook, though. I’m trying to get at least one rep with that with everyone I roll with this month.

Drilling was a spider guard sweep and a bicep slicer. Drilled with Theresa. Too much pressure on her arms, she said, and I couldn’t tell if I was doing the sweep right anyway, so just let her do it.

One more round of rolling. Tim put me with Steve again. And this time, he was the Tiny Evil Creature. Gah, so hard to keep up with. Kept taking my back and trying to choke me out. Get it off! 😛

Class was over then, but of course I’m not done:

  • Pushups on the tire, stepping around after each one. 1 lap.
  • Tire flips across the mat. Then flip back once, jump through. Flip the first way once, jump through. Flip two times back, jump through. Flip first way once, jump through. Flip three times back, jump through. Flip first one once, jump through. Flip four times back, jump through.
  • Fast jumps up onto the tire and back down. Legs no likey the jumpy.
  • Pushups on the tire, walking around the other way. 1 lap.
  • Repeat tire flips above.
  • Fast jumps up onto the tire and back down again. Feet staying stuck to the ground.
  • Jump throughs on the tire. 10, except my legs stayed rooted once, so he added 2 more.
  • Break.
  • Pullup hangs, using the wide straps and pulling knees to chest. 30s hang one side, 15s rest, 30s hang other side. 20s hang one side, 15s rest, 20s hand other side. 10s hang one side, 15s rest — then hold for as long as I can. 40 seconds.

Shorter than the ones before, but just as draining. Sat down on the tire to rest, and my forearms started throbbing. Had to ask Scott to massage them out for me. Drinking water required two hands on the bottle. We sat around for a few minutes, and then I had to have Scott and Purple Belt Buddy take turns massaging my arms again. Wow, those hurt.

I finally figured out where to add the Blogger Map — on my own Blogroll page, of course. (Doh.)

Jen Flannery has created a new resource for us grapple girls: Grappling Girls Guild. The site is still under some construction, but see the Brazil page for where Jen’s headed with the History and bio section. Awesomeness.


7 responses to “Tiny Evil Creature!

  1. @Leslie – “Drilling was a spider guard sweep and a bicep slicer. From Open Guard, lasso leg one of their arms. Your other foot switches to their opposite hip, and your shin comes across their stomach. You should now be nearly perpendicular to them. For the sweep, switch your hips and stretch them forward (their forward), across your hips, by driving the lassoing leg outward; their weight should transfer up and on to the shin across their stomach. Now drive forward (your forward) to come up to knee-on-belly. For the bicep slicer, you get in position, but they slide forward and pass the inside knee. Shoot that leg through further and figure-4 it over your other foot. Slide your inside arm under their body and bring it up between your legs and behind their trapped arm and then over it. Other arm slides around and over the trapped arm. Squeeze and lift your hips.”

    This describes my “go-to” gi game against people who aren’t from my gym. Everyone from my gym is wise to it now and flips out trying to escape it the second I go for the leg weave on the arm. But I still get it often enough even against people that know it’s coming that I find it super useful to keep it sharp. The sweep that goes with it is INCREDIBLY GOOD against noobs in the gi. All you need is a sleeve grip and to weave that leg, then you let them pass. They think they are winning until you extend your hips, pop your knee back under them, and dump them over. You land right in KoB and can finish the bicep slicer by dropping your hips down, or if you lose the arm you can transition to regular KoB. Seriously, It’s money.

    Also, glad you like the Tiny Evil Creature line. I do have a way with words. *grins*

  2. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: That’s Justin’s game, too. He calls it the “half-passed guard.” Sometimes with the lasso leg, sometimes with regular spider guard on that arm. And he can do it nogi, too. *grumbles*

    Tim did briefly show a few of us the slicer after the sweep, too.

  3. Kintanon says:

    I don’t find myself using it in no-gi because I don’t usually play such a long range guard in no-gi. I like to be curled up under people so I can offbalance them with the single leg hook. I think I might have gotten then sweep once out of random luck in no-gi. But it’s BOSS in gi.

  4. @ Leslie – I’m jealous! I wish I had the energy to do the extra conditioning that you are doing. I’m very proud of you and I know you’ll do great in the tournament.

    I’m also glad you’re posting stuff on open guard, as I am trying to develop that area right now. I’m having trouble getting my feet to do what they’re supposed to do. Also, my bum seems to be dyslexic. When I need it to shift right, it goes left and puts me off balance. Stupid Bum!

    @ Kintanon – “Tiny Evil Creature” ROFLMAO

  5. Zen Mojo says:

    Tiny Evil Creature (TEC) – Love it!

    Leslie, do you have a separate fitness area for all your extra workout stuff (KBs, tires, etc.). Most of our space is covered by mats (great for rolling) and I’m always worried about messing them up when I set up a bigger circuit or am training a group (we’ve got a little room left over to work the kettlebells and other stuff but not much). Just curious.

  6. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: He uses it as a close-range guard, especially in nogi — shin in elbow and cup behind the elbow.

    @Jodi: Energy? Ha! There is no energy; there’s a black belt standing over me saying, “Do it now!” As soon as I told him I was doing the tournament, I was committed to doing the extra work.

    @Zen Mojo: We have a separate area. See the bottom left picture on our homepage; the shiny area to the left is the BJJ mat, and the black & red mat in the foreground/right is where we do most of the extra work. (Looks a little different now; the heavy bag construct has been moved over to our side and holds bags and TRX straps. We also use it for pullups.)

  7. Kintanon says:

    Hmmm…. In the midst of my situp sweep + armbar work I might have to re-examine the no-gi leghook work and see if I can make that happen reliably. I would love to be able to import a big chunk of my A+ Gi Game to No-Gi.

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