Zero to Ninety

Kids’ Class

Several kids who have been out for a month or so were back tonight, so I had a full house of rambunctious kiddies. Great. They were charging around and tackling each other before class. Then when we started jogging, they were bumping in to each other or clothes-lining each other. I said, “Hands to yourselves!” Then they started try to trip or kick each other. Lovely. “Bodies to yourselves!” Changed the warmup on the fly to keep them moving and wear them out a bit.

Changed the middle to add more movement for more tuckering out. Then put the ball balancing back at the end, since they like it, but now they’re trying to degrade it into Battle Ball. *headdesk*


Tim popped over during the kids’ class and asked how much longer I had. Odd — he’s never done that before. I heard them start drilling before we were done. When I finally got over there, lo and behold, there was a girl! Well, woman. Martha. She looked older than me and not at all what I would expect; I actually thought at first that she was a kids’ mom and was just out on the mat keeping a close eye on him. (Which was strange, I admit, but seemed far more likely than her being here for herself.) But, no, she was here to do class herself, and Tim was waiting on me to drill with her since she seemed very uncomfortable in a room with all guys. (She told me later, too, that she was.)

Drilling was sneaky side control pass to mount. Drilled that a few times, and then drilled the kimura from mount. Worked with Martha and Theresa.

Then rolling. Tim had me go with Martha first. I started with one knee in so she could pass to side control and then work the techniques with some resistance. Then Tim passed by and told me to start with her in guard, breaking, and passing (same thing we did with Kate when she visited). So worked her through that a few times, and when she got to side control, she was going right for the pass and then the kimura from mount.

Then he put me with a spazzy white belt who I’ve actually managed to avoid having to roll with. And this roll was precisely why I don’t like to roll with spazzy white belts who don’t know jiu-jitsu yet. (I come to jiu-jitsu to learn sport jiu-jitsu, not so much to defend myself. I want to play and I want to learn. I don’t want to have to deal with people who still haven’t bothered to learn anything. Yes, I’m a grouchy old lady.) He went 90 miles an hour, slammed me around, belly-flopped on my ribs, elbowed me in the face several times, and then would grab & squeeze & try to pin me in side control. I have scratch marks. Could be from the next guy, too.

Got paired with another spazzy white belt who I’ve avoided. Again, this is why. I see them roll with other guys, and I want nothing to do with them. This one has a little bit of wrestling, maybe, so I did get one pendulum to mount and one other sweep to side control, but got chucked off both times. More slamming, more elbows, more just trying to hold me in side control.

Both of them wore t-shirts, too, and my fingers and toes kept getting caught. Much hate.

End of class then, which means circuit time! Joy. Order is probably wrong, and probably left something out, too:

  • bag hangs / bag sit-ups. At least we picked a bag my legs and arms could reach around.
  • Oly bar — clean and press. Then box squats (using the tire as the box). Then military press. Oly bar is heavy.
  • Um… TRX? pushups (wide, then close), and then lat pulls
  • Spiderman pushups, then mountain climbers.
  • ? Thrusters with Oly bar (front squat with press at top; lower bar as you lower the squat); again with the tire as a box. Oly bar is heavier…
  • ? Bag hangs / bag sit-ups again. Bag hangs, arms only.
  • Hangs from pull-up straps (one arm through, gable grip; knees to chest)
  • shoulder dips (on dip bars, keep arms straight and dip only with your shoulders). Also a hold in the middle. Ouch.
  • ? Push-press dip (Oly bar like in a front squat, except only dip a little and then drive up to press). Long hold in the middle. Didn’t move my head out of the way fast enough on one rep, and bashed into my chin with the Oly bar. Ow. Good thing I keep my mouthpiece in for these circuits. Oly bar is really, really heavy.

I think I forgot something. Wasn’t nearly as long as the others, but I seemed tired almost immediately. Uh-oh. When I was doing it, I felt like I didn’t have anything else to give — my body even refused to move a few times — but now looking back, I think I could/should have pushed a little harder.

I’m off tomorrow night to go sit in the cold (and probably rain, blech) and watch a college football game. Not sure yet about Friday; I overheard some talk about getting the cage set back up, which would be nice because it’s the fourth mat; don’t know how that might affect Friday. But I’ll check with the guys and see — I’d like to do what we did last week, but in gi. (And keep switching between gi and nogi until the tournament.)

Last night, Justin kept catching me in the same ankle lock over and over. I’d do the correct escape, and then he’d immediately sit back and do it again. After the, er, fifth or sixth time, I finally asked what I was doing wrong. Not freeing the most important thing, he said. Oh, right, my ankle. Might need that.

Many Little Things that make you happy are better than a few big ones. Find the little things.


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  1. Many Little Things that make you happy are better than a few big ones. Find the little things.

    A half-pound bag of peanut M&M’s are happy little things.

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