Tap? Did you tap? Was that a tap? Did I tap you?

Hi, Will 🙂 I like rolling with you, too. And that made my day.

At work today, there was a conference call behind closed doors and the sound of a lady on the other end screaming hysterically. The “go live” date is this weekend. I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

Sore! Ow! My hips hurt! Stiff every which way. Nearly fell down the stairs at work today because they weren’t working right yet. Tired, too. Got to the academy a little later because work kept coming up with one more thing… oh, wait, one more thing! Started trying to loosen up. I jogged around the front mat for a little while. Theresa’s little brother finally asked me why I was walking funny. Great. 😛 Did a few other drills and stretches; even jumped rope for 1-min intervals. Not loose. Still hurt. No one could make it in early tonight.

Class started with rolling. With Theresa. Then with Brandon, and he said the conditioning last night in the kickboxing class had been rough so he was hurting. He was moving slow and not engaging much, just working for control and places to rest. I did get on top for a bit.

Then with a new guy that Justin had been working with for two rounds. Yay, spazzy new guys. Hm. He tried to just run around everything. Had heard Justin talking about breaking the guard, so I sucked him in to guard to see what he’d do. He tried to drag my arms above my head and pin them. Got one hand free — I was thinking of a pendulum — and then he rolled over and gave me his back. Um, okie dokey. Worked in the RNC. He tapped, looked at me kind of funny, and said, “I need to get some water.” So he ran off the mat to the water fountain. (Justin glanced up from his roll and gave me a look as if to say, “What’d you do?” I just shrugged.) Caught an armbar from the back (he gave up his back easy — I think he said he had some wrestling background), a triangle from mount, and at least one more. Each time he tapped, he’d sit there a moment and give me that funny look again until I asked if he was alright and wanted to keep going. Started slapping the mat a little after a while.

Then he caught a useless guillotine, so I started working around to side control and pulled him up on his side to take the pressure off. He insisted on squeezing it as hard as he could, so I just set in the defense and settled in to waiting out his arms. Justin called time right as he finally decided to let go and move; I sat there for a moment, with him facing away from me, and then patted him on the shoulder and said, “Good job.” He asked, “Are you tapping?” I said, “No, he called ‘time.’ Good job.” His face fell. Sorry, dude, not happening.

Drilling was RNC to the Matt Hughes choke. From RNC, they peel your top arm down. Slide it straight back until your hands touch; gable grip. The elbow of that hand is sticking up — turn it down so it sits along their back. Get your head over on their ear on that side. Now just like a RNC, squeeze in.

One more round of rolling, with Theresa. I’ve got to keep an eye on her trying to muscling things; I play so lightly and without much pressure on her, and I think she’s getting away with doing things wrong. Today she was trying to get me off of mount using the “scrape” escape, but she was trying to lift my knee off the ground with her same-side elbow and knee and wasn’t using the back leg at all. So I just made my leg heavy and didn’t let her get it until she asked why it wasn’t working and I pointed out what she was doing incorrectly. Then I snuck up to knee-on-belly, and she was trying to use one hand to fling me off. I’d inadvertently let her do it once, because I’d had little weight on her and so it was too easy. This time I made sure to put some weight on her 1) to make it actually be a sucky place to be and 2) to make sure she had to escape properly. And yeah, she couldn’t figure it out. So reviewed that briefly.

No one wanted to stick around tonight. Meh. I need work, people.


7 thoughts on “Tap? Did you tap? Was that a tap? Did I tap you?

  1. LOL @ “I need work, people.” I think, for tonight, after last night, a little rest won’t hurt.

    P.S. Gavin, my instructor that went to the seminar, is now on a spider guard kick and is making ALL of us try to work on it. Apparently the blue belt that went with him was so lost working with it that he realized we had almost NO exposure to anything outside of the basic open and closed guard. Which is true.

  2. @Aparna: Yes, but I’m a glutton for punishment. 😛

    Ah, I just looked Gavin up — he and his partner were drilling next to us all day.

  3. Are you tapping?” I said, “No, he called ‘time.’ Good job.” His face fell. Sorry, dude, not happening.

    That was awesome!!

  4. Oh no…so you probably heard his weird comments all day. I promise you he’s nicer than the stuff that comes out of his mouth would lead you to believe.

  5. @Aparna: LOL. I didn’t hear him say much, so he’s still non-weird in my book. (The blue belt with him was non-communicative when we tried to talk to him once, so he’s a little odd in my book, though. ;))

  6. We call the Matt Hughes choke the “four-finger” choke… but I liked your detail about putting your head on that side, I will have to include that in the future. It’s one of my fave subs from back.

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