That’s gonna hurt tomorrow…

Or maybe the day after. Stupid DOMS. But oh yeah, that’s gonna hurt…

Kids’ Class

I started out with the plan of having them do the same takedown class that we did last month, so printed that out and got it ready. But the more I thought about it, I decided that the same kids that were there then would be back tonight and so would tell me they were “bored” by the repeat, so I redesigned most of the lesson. And then when I got to class, none of the regulars were there, but two who have been out because of football were. They hadn’t seen the previous class on takedowns, so I went back to working on that. Theresa came in a little late, but she’s always very cooperative about working whatever I ask her to.


Started rolling. 4-minute rounds. With Theresa first. Then with a visiting guy who comes occasionally and is never very nice with me; he rolls rude. He’s a smaller guy, so I’d think he would be glad of the chance to work on technique against someone who can’t muscle out, but he doesn’t take the opportunity. He goes fast and slams things on and knocks me around. (And he’s long past white belt.) But, at least I know this now, so I worked slowly and was ready to tap early. Usually, that makes no difference to him, but tonight he seemed to get the hint and was working a bit more controlled. Still cranked on my sore elbow a bit abruptly and in just the right angle to hurt a whole lot.

Ended up with a White Belt Hunter the next round. Funny — I had decided to go slow and defend (and to work on Scott’s idea of “defending” from the top) and wasn’t too concerned about how much he was going to muscle me around. And then he actually tried to not muscle me around too much. (Failed mostly, but I could tell he was trying.) And I got to mount somehow — pendulum sweep, even — and then held it for quite a while. Remembered not to rush, that if I’m on top of a bigger & stronger guy that the burden is on him (no pun intended) to move and not on me to submit him immediately. He finally muscled me in to his half guard, but I stayed there the rest of the round and nearly passed a few times. So, hey, that actually worked.

Then a round with Tim. Ha. Just, ha. It was quite amusing to be pwned that badly. He always lets me work on things, though I don’t remember what.

Drilling was far-side kimura, with stepping over the head, and then far-side one-armed kimura, also stepping over. Drilled with Theresa. I was trying to keep my weight off of her like I always do, but she said it was still too much. Yeah…

Rolling again. Theresa, then Will. Underneath early and couldn’t get out much; he stuffed everything. Not sure that I did much right there. Then Tim waved me over to Scott. Swept early and underneath mostly, though I did have a few moments of getting somewhat out. Somehow ended up in top half and couldn’t pass because I couldn’t get enough pressure on him.

As soon as the round was over, Tim told me to run around the corner and get a kettlebell. Grabbed a 20-lber. Then he put me through a circuit. Probably not gonna remember it all:

  • Kettlebell swings (he counted; no idea)
  • Kettlebell presses (one arm: squat, lift & flip, squat + press; no idea, he counted)
  • 10 burpees
  • single legs down & back, alternating legs (my toe is still sprained, though [gah!], so right side was slooow)
  • single/sprawl down & back, strong side only
  • rolling with Tim. He came out hard and fast and pressure! Tried to flatten me like a tube of toothpaste! I knew what he was trying to do, though — disrupt my breathing, which was already labored because I’d been doing everything with a mouthpiece (on top of being in rather crap cardio shape), and try to make me panic. My legs were burning, too. I wanted to cave in so badly, but I kept going. Nothing useful from me. Every time I tapped, he’d let go and then attack again.
  • kettlebell swings (10?), presses (5/side), single leg sprawl down & back
  • rolling with Tim. Again. Some better, but still mostly useless. This. Is. Hard. I think he let me finish an armbar, though.
  • kettlebell swings, presses, single leg sprawls. Moving slow. Body doesn’t want to listen.
  • rolling. A little better still. (I’m sure that means he was going easier, cuz I still really had nothing.) He also let me finish a RNC, though I had to fight for it, and an armbar.
  • Swings. Single leg sprawls. Presses.
  • We have these things that hang off the pull-up bars that you can slide your arms through to do ab stuff. Slide one arm through, gable grip with the other, curl your knees to your arm. Hold for 30s. 30s rest, then other arm. Abs are weak.
  • Get both arms in armpit-deep on those handles. Start from legs straight, then curl knees to chest. I got 9 reps before I thought I was going to cry. On the last one, just had to hold it, which was not easy, either.

Might have missed or added a set of kettlebells/etc., but I know there were at least 3 rolls. Maybe 4. Everything’s kind of fuzzy. I just did what I was told. It all started to blend together at some point…

Did have a good half-guard sweep in there somewhere that involved switching my hips when he posted the top leg. I remember him saying, “Nice!” but not exactly what happened. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be able to repeat that on purpose one day.

My left forearm cramped up nice and tight afterwards, so I sat around trying to massage it out. Then before I left, I sat down to write notes on the kids’ class like I always do, and I could barely hold the pen! My writing looked like chicken scratching.

Now that was a circuit. Anything I’ve tried to come up with has been nothing compared to that. And I know I really do need someone there pushing me through it. I needed it back in high school cross country; I need it now.

Also afterwards, Scott showed me how to get the pressure I was missing on him. Is nice. Will try.

I… am tired…

5 thoughts on “That’s gonna hurt tomorrow…

  1. Wow, that is one heck of a work out. Great job pushing through it. I remember a post a while back about Gameness and building “Heart”. That is the kind of workout that builds “Heart”!

  2. @BJJ Judo: Heh, it’s more that I was pushed through by a large black belt hollering at me. 😛 (He hollered nicely, mostly, but definitely in a “Don’t you quit on me” tone.)

  3. Great training! That is some serious work. I’m always amazed by the folks that just want to do “fat and lazy” jiu jitsu and hope that some day their technique will one day be superior enough to overcome someone who really puts in the work.

    And I hope this doesn’t come across as condescending, but double extra brownie points for working with the kettlebell. Most women realize that they are at a strength disadvantage, but it is hard to get them to work on it (the strength gap can definitely be minimized).

  4. @Zen Mojo: Ha! If this is the only alternative to fat & lazy jiu-jitsu, I might take fat & lazy! 😛 This stuff is hard!

    But this level of training is only for a few more weeks, until the tournament. I can do that. After that, I need to get back to doing some sort of extra weight or circuit training regularly; I haven’t done anything for a while because I’ve had so many injuries that wouldn’t quit.

    I like kettlebells — and sledgehammers and tires and Bulgarian sand bags. It’s fun to be strong. 🙂

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