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Stupid Karma

on October 27, 2010

Early yesterday morning at work, one of the guys comes over to my desk and asks if I’ll do him a favor. I said I would. He asked, “Do you kill spiders?” I said yes. Then he said, “Okay, good — there’s one on my desk. Can you get him?” *snort*

Some days you’re the bug.
Some days you’re the windshield

I don’t know that I’ve actually been the windshield. Been the bug lots. Some days I just get sideswiped. And then some days I get splattered good. Last night was one of those days.

Will has been out for a week or so with The Plague, but he made his long-awaited return last night. I, though, had a hair appointment, so he was standing around tapping his foot and saying, “Come on, let’s go!” when I got there. Half an hour still before class, so we used it all up. Immediately crunched. Not even a decent start that devolved — just immediate “splat.” I had some good grips, but did nothing useful with them. Kept trying to play some spider guard; kept getting smashed. (Stupid karma.) No pressure from me; lots from him. Couldn’t keep my base or stay on top, either; lots of sweeping going on, and me on the wrong side of it all.

Class started with rolling, so Will and I just kept going. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment. Then a round with Theresa.

Drilling was the same as last night. Then added a choke. Rolling again. With Steve first. I used to could get at least some control on him, but no more. Also trying to work spider guard here, but don’t think I was keeping the one leg locked out. Then the last round with Justin. I even tried dive-bombing the windshield to see if I could crack it, but, no. Bad plan. Smashed. All the seminar techniques again, too. He let me set up the spider guard, and then easily broke through it, so apparently I was doing it wrong. (Now, if I just knew what I’d done wrong, that would help. [Besides “everything.”]) My variation on what he said about not worrying about what a guy’s game is is to not worry about who the guy is. Didn’t do so well earlier in the night, but for a few seconds here I forgot that I was rolling with him himself actually.

WordPress was being silly last night, so I had to get up and publish this in the morning.


5 responses to “Stupid Karma

  1. Kintanon says:

    Are you getting the spider guard established completely with your foot snug up into the crook of the elbow and a tight sleeve grip on one side and your foot in their hip on the other side or do you go for both feet in the crook of the elbow? I don’t like playing with both feet in the elbows personally. I like the elbow+hip variation. I feel like it lets me maintain mobility better and leads me more comfortably in to X-Guard, Leg Hook Guard, and if I’m feeling experimental, De La Riva guard.

    I personally don’t do much with Spider Guard except buy time and space to transition to one of the other guards where I have more offense. What is your game plan with spider guard?

  2. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Either both feet in elbows, both feet in hips, one foot in hip/one in elbow, or, from the seminar, one in elbow and other hand grabbing same-side lapel, to keep them broken down. I was trying to work getting in to it last night from different ways, since if I just get sleeve control and then start working my feet in, everyone shuts it down immediately.

    Eh, just playing with it right now, jump-started by the seminar. Still have 1 week left in Experimentation Month. I like that it makes me move my hips and be aware of their balance.

    By the way, since I have a tournament in a month, would you move on to your second month progression, or would you do something different in light of the tournament?

  3. slideyfoot says:

    Heh – interesting. I try not to squish spiders if I can avoid it: I prefer to pick them up and throw them out the window (normally with the old glass and cardboard trick, although as my gf is terrified of spiders, she has a handy vacuum thing to suck them up, and then blow them out again without hurting them).

    However, I will squash mosquitoes (they bite me) and moths (they eat my clothes). I don’t like to kill things if I don’t have to, in the same way I don’t like to hurt people in BJJ if I can avoid it (hence aversion to leg locks). 😉

  4. Kintanon says:

    @Leslie: I ALWAYS spend the month before a comp working my A game. Getting in hundreds of reps on my gameplan. If I know I want to pull guard and go for a scissor sweep to a mounted triangle and roll to finish then I try to do hundreds of reps of that full sequence against varying levels of resistance. I want my gameplan DOWN.

    Of course, make sure you know the rules of the tournament. Once I put in probably 500 reps of a particular leghook bicep slicer and then found out as I stepped onto that mat that it was illegal. I went for it anyways as reflex and ended up losing on points.

    And here’s something I made for Slideyfoot RE: Spider Guard:

    That’s how I establish spider guard when I want to use it. More often I bail from butterfly to spider when someone manages to get around one of my hooks.

  5. leslie says:

    @Kintanon: Doh, that puts us back at square one: trying to develop an “A” game! 😛

    At least it’s Submission Only, so no points or time limits to worry about. And I’ve competed with these guys before and have done their referee course, so I’m good on the rules. (The ones I’m still fuzzy on are techniques I don’t do much of anyway, like leg locks.)

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