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“But I did tap…”

on October 25, 2010

I posted this in the comments to the seminar post, but I’ll say it again:

A huge “I’m sorry!” to Aparna and anyone else who was nearby to the seminar and would have come if they’d known I was coming. But, since I didn’t know until 10pm the night before, I didn’t really even think about getting word out. (Though, I was hoping you would have all shown up, and I was really excited to see two girls there. However, they weren’t you.)

So, sorry again, and I will try to do better about organizing me myself and the boys and making travel announcements.

More from the drive back that day:

  • Don’t worry too much about what your partner is doing or is capable of doing. (For example, if you know he has good triangles, don’t focus just on avoiding his triangles, else you’ll still spend most of the round avoiding his triangles.) Work to impose your own game.
  • Work on different intensities with different people. With people less skilled, try to be just a hair above where they are.

Blog Updates: I’ve posted several upcoming seminars — most on the East Coast, but one in California — in the right sidebar. Also, I’ve come up with a way to mark the ones that I will be attending. (Well, at least the ones I know in advance that I’m attending!)

Blogger Map: I haven’t found a good way to put it up yet, but Slideyfoot has created a BJJ Blogger map, for us to add our schools so we can see who might be nearby when we travel. You can contact me with your school’s address, and I can add your blog. Right now we’re just adding bloggers, but we may expand the map to include commenters or to track Open Mats. (And, with my recent weekend experience, maybe seminars that we’ll be attending? :P)

Class started tonight with rolling. Everyone still scatters from me and from Justin. (Yay! Keep it up, fellas!) I think he hit every move from the seminar, doh! Even when I knew it was coming. Don’t think I worked on very much or remembered very much, though. At least I was getting in my reps of how not to do it all.

Second round with Theresa. Working on getting to that spot that’s just a hair better than she is, though it’s hard when she’s so small and bendy. I’m afraid that everything I do is muscle still.

Drilling was taking the back from turtle when you can’t get your knee in. Drilled with Theresa and Jess. Then to rolling, and again everyone found a partner who was not me. One guy had left, so I was the odd man out then. Big Mike was rolling with Scott and got a cramp in his foot, so Scott waved me in. Most of the round still left. Was doing okay in the beginning trying to stay on top, though eventually he got a grip I couldn’t break (same grip he told me a few weeks ago not to let him have; I didn’t let him have it, exactly, but I couldn’t get it off once he had it) and then swept me. Underneath the rest of the round. Forgot to frame up like we’d talked about on Saturday, so got crushed.

Last round with Theresa again.

Then class was over and a couple guys had questions for Justin, while a few more started some APC. I stayed to watch the jiu-jitsu. Then Justin asked if I wanted to roll some. Anytime! So we went for another 15 minutes or so. He seemed to be working on other setups and other uses for the techniques from the seminar. He let me to mount to work on trapping the arm first before turning, but I couldn’t quite work something out and so went back to mount. Also let me work around in side control for a bit, though still not getting some details or order right. Then he got some choke with my own gi. I heard the piano drop and tapped, I felt him let go and move away… and then I lost a couple of seconds while he moved back to the center of the mat. In one corner of the room, there had been one guy sitting; now there were two, and I hadn’t seen the second walk in. So yeah… I blacked out for a second there. Felt like I was swimming in really dense water as I came back around. Only out for a second or two. Justin fussed at me for not tapping sooner, but I said I did tap when it was on and I passed out after that.



15 responses to ““But I did tap…”

  1. MC says:

    @ Anyone nearby who would have gone to the seminar if they had known Leslie was going to be there, but didn’t:
    Uh, dude, it was a Romulo Barral seminar hosted by Samuel Braga. Has anyone googled these guys??! They are two of Draculino’s best students. Between the two of them they have 12 world championship BJJ titles and have to keep up with the new evolving BJJ because they still compete. They are the best of the best.

    Leslie, I’m sure you’re awesome, but . . . Come on ladies, don’t get too carried away with this women’s jiu jitsu stuff. If you pass up a seminar like this, make it because you think $60 spent on a private lesson with an instructor who knows you and has been watching you develop is worth more to you than learning some random brilliant moves from a stranger. Not because you don’t know if there will be a woman on the mat. I mean, really!

  2. Aparna says:

    @MC: I seriously considered going, I just had other reasons to not go, which I’m not going to get into. And no, I didn’t (at the time) know who Romulo Barral was…one of my instructors was going and was trying to get other people to go, but I don’t think he made it very widely known.

    And Leslie: No worries…it was a last-minute thing on your part; I honestly would have thought Knoxville was too far for you to drive just for a seminar. Guess I was wrong!

  3. leslie says:

    @MC: World champions, smorld shampions — I really am that awesome 😉

    And I didn’t mean it as a “woman on the mat” thing, but more as getting to meet up with people you only know virtually. I’d make an extra effort to get to a seminar if I knew anyone who blogs/comments would be around.

    @Aparna: No worries. And Knoxville is too far for me to go. It is not, apparently, too far for Justin. 😛

  4. Sooo Leslie… Can you tell us more about Justin? I’m trying to get a feel for who he is and how he fits into the social framework of the gym.

  5. shakiaharris says:

    thanks for the updates, i added the map onto a section of my page “Where on earth are other female grapplers..”

  6. leslie says:

    @Jodi: He’s our brown belt and assistant instructor. Besides maybe one guy, he’s the smallest guy there. And I want my grappling to look like his one day.

  7. Kintanon says:

    I have to say, if I saw the guys flood away from you and the brown belt, I would not only crack up, I would make relentless fun of all of them for being terrified to roll with the little girl. You can tell them all that some anonymous guy on the internet thinks they are all wussies.

    And on that choke, it’s actually pretty common for people to black out when the blood rushes back to their brain after a choke is released. Nothing strange about it.

  8. @ Leslie – Hey! I got an idea… Why don’t you ask Justin out for coffee or whatever, and pick his brain about everybody’s BJJ. I bet he knows everybody’s weaknesses and how you could capitalize on it.

    @ Kintanon – “I would make relentless fun of all of them for being terrified to roll with the little girl.” LMAO, true that.

    @ Shakia – ““Where on earth are other female grapplers..”
    I’m over here *waves hand until it falls off*

  9. MC says:

    @Leslie: I stand corrected. I look forward to surviving with honor while your awesomeness dominates my ass at the Mundial black/brown belt absolute in five or ten years.
    I also second Kintanon’s observation that those guys are wusses.

    @Aparna: There are good reasons to miss seminars. I attend very few myself. I can agree with Leslie that it would be cool to meet a pen pal. (Is there a better term? That sounds so old-fashioned.)

    But having another woman on the mat just doesn’t mean all that much to me. Certainly not as much as having good training partners, male or female. My all-time worst training partner was a girl who didn’t want to be there. Mr. Spaz was to be preferred over Miss Apathy, in my opinion, but I was the only one who kept getting stuck with her because I’m female. Except for the guy who dragged her to class, and he only got stuck with her when I wasn’t there. Hrrmph! She quit, of course. I have had awesome women training partners, too. Just saying.

  10. slideyfoot says:

    I assume you know this already, but just in case, should be pretty easy to embed the map on a new post. If you go to the map, then click the ‘link’ button in the top right corner.

    That will then give you an option to embed the map, where is says ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’, which you can simply copy and paste into a new blog post. You can customise things like the size, position etc by clicking on the link below that, that says ‘Customize and preview’.

    I wonder if it works in comments? Probably not, but either way, might at least show the HTML (so this might come out as a load of gibberish code):

  11. slideyfoot says:

    Ah, it does come out as gibberish. HOWEVER that link it produced is handy, as it results in a full screen map with none of the Google frame stuff around it.

  12. leslie says:

    @MC: Penpals! I love it. I haven’t had a penpal since middle school. Her name was Claire, and she lived in England. I have no idea what ever happened to her, though. 😦

    @slidey: Yes, I know it can go in a post, but I’d like to find a way to make it more permanent. WordPress lets me make Pages, so I’ll either put it on one of those or in one of the sidebar/footer widgets. GoogleMaps and I just had a few disagreements about what it would show and where… 😛

    I’ll play with it again soon and get it up.

  13. slideyfoot says:

    Ah, cool. In the course of doing that, let me know if you come across any way of dealing with the clustering issue. At the moment, this isn’t a problem with the Blogger Map, but it will eventually be an issue.

    Essentially the problem is that the basic user-friendly Google Maps can’t presently handle more than about 150/160 placemarks at once, so when you get to that number, it starts shoving them onto a second page. Obviously that is really, really annoying if the point of the map is to show everything that may be nearby (and is indeed becoming a problem with my UK map: I’m currently putting Scotland and Wales on the second page, but it’s not a good long term solution).

    There is apparently a way that you can get the map to cluster instead, so rather than showing all the placemarks at once, it groups them together until you zoom in. That means everything can still be on the same page. However, it also looks like it needs a lot more coding knowledge than I have: something to do with API. APU? AP something. Anyway, something I don’t yet understand. 😉

  14. Aparna says:

    @MC: Ok, I see your point. In this case, it was more about meeting Leslie than rolling with other women. I guess I haven’t rolled with enough crappy women to be tired of it.

  15. MC says:

    @Leslie: Well, now you have a bunch of us!

    @Aparna: It makes sense to me now.

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